SIX Day Workout Challenge.

If you’re anything like me, you might enjoy switching up your workouts every so often. 

Even as a fitness professional, I get bored. I also like to keep learning and growing to create more effective [and fun] workouts.

If you were subscribed, then you’ll know I mentioned HERE that I was taking the summer off. wp-15983747441635726567883265250094.jpgI decided to put together a SIX day workout challenge with my workouts from YouTube.

MONDAY: Upper Body (Shoulder Focused)

TUESDAY: Lower Body


THURSDAY: Total Body

FRIDAY: Back & Lower Body HIIT



This challenge will begin on August 31st.

I’ll be posting the workout on the blog and Instagram daily for accountability. Be sure to warm up and cool down with every workout.

Happy sweating. 😉

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