What I Eat In A Day.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts

The last one I did was on a low GI “diet.” I still follow some principles from it and it definitely has helped with the fatigue I was experiencing before.

Since June, I got back into intermittent fasting (“IF” for short). It was unintentional, but once I realized I was getting leaner (through photos), I realized it was from “IF.”

I eat intuitively for the most part, so hence why I didn’t notice at first.

Any who, before breakfast even is a thought, I typically drink a cup of coffee or two 30 minutes to an hour after I wake up.wp-15975976232284573925409307504818.jpgRight now, this coffee is my current favorite.

Breakfast, 11:00am: Still my usual yogurt bowl.wp-15878092931745232218703629044817.jpgThis combo has been the best on my stomach.

I no longer experience the stomach pain [and fatigue] I did when eating oatmeal (pre-low GI diet). On occasion, I’ll do a piece of toast, especially if it was leg day the day before. 😀


Snack#1: Non-GMO Popcorn. wp-1597597622457659352281049210547.jpgUsually I get the Target brand since it’s only $2.49 for this whole bag!

Lunch, 2:00pm: Lunch is typically leftovers. wp-15975258674801106375060660002024.jpgI’ve been eating a ton of grilled turkey patties and potatoes (tis the season). I’ll have it with a side salad of whatever is on hand. If there are no leftovers, I’ll eat this soup. 

Snack #2: Post-workout I’ll have 2-3 protein balls. wp-15960192302536736958096483166837.jpgThese are so good and have about 4-5g of protein, depending on the protein powder you use.

Dinner, 6:00pm: Turkey sausage, pasta, chickpeas and tomatoes. wp-15975976260958229878185462706870.jpgIf you couldn’t already tell,  I’ve been on a turkey kick. It’s pretty much the only meat product I eat and is usually on the menu 4-5 nights a week.

I like this pasta dish because it’s simple and quick to put together.

I just cooked turkey sausage and some thin spaghetti. Once that was ready, I cut up the sausage and put it into a pan along with the pasta, chickpeas and tomatoes.

And there you have it.

A snippet of what I eat in a day. I don’t do these posts often anymore as I pretty much stick to the same dishes and don’t experiment as much as I used to pre-kids.

Either way, my go-to’s are still delicious… to me anyways. 😉

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