Taking Control.

I’ve been up since 5:45am. wp-15964573842103666923326146472690.jpgI cannot tell you how much I enjoy when one of my kiddos wakes early… no really, I do! Pre-pandemic, maybe not so much. I find it hard to wake up early nowadays without having the need to wake up at 4:45am for work.cars_twinsWhen I do wake up early, I find that I feel better and get things done.103470431_10104211662785880_6701038519289789779_nThis morning I took the time to listen to more of this podcast by Tim Ferriss where he interviewed Ramit Sethi last May.

I’ve been dying to get my hands on Ramit’s book for a while now but never took the plunge. For some reason, I felt the time was NOW.

Maybe it’s being unemployed, maybe it’s turning 32 or maybe it’s my first about to head into Kindergarten.wp-15964676378824540644094664413253.jpgWhatever the reason may be, I’m excited to take control and learn about money.

Ever since the stay at home order was put in place in March, I found that over the weeks, my money started to shift.

I still had two paychecks coming in from work and I later applied for pandemic unemployment since the office that I work at is closed until January.

I found that I spend maybe twice as much on groceries, but twice as less on “personal items” and gas since I don’t go to work anymore. wp-15839421782356195868501535759352.jpgTypically, I’d eat lunch at work, get goodies for the kids or randomly shop at Whole Foods for their fancy bread rolls, breakfast, etc.

It all adds up.

I wanted to get this book to take another look at my fiances, learn more about money and re-budget until the office reopens in January.

I’ve only read a few chapters so far, but when I finish the book I will give a proper review. Have a great week y’all and happy August. 🙂

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