Exploring Nature.

While I do miss work dearly, I am trying to embrace a more “simpler” lifestyle.harryWe’ve been doing more outdoor activities with the kids such as going to different state parks for swimming and hiking.harrysurgNow that they are a bit older, they can manage walking longer distances.

20200722_153824981321328714460678.jpgOn one hike, my two “oldest” lasted over an hour.20200722_1548074484455025066557437.jpgIt was a an art institute in hike form.20200722_1621515050738635645878089.jpgThis made it fun for the kiddos since they were curious as to what they’d find next!20200722_1549248005211942489146156.jpgThis partially day, my youngest was at her Grammy’s house. She would not have made it through the sculpture trail as it did have some steep moments.

This has been one of the “pros” of quarantine; finding more “nature” based activities to do with the kiddos. 107764101_10104257604438440_4618341910894777628_nI would always resort to the indoor park or the pool, but there is a ton of shade in most of the places we’ve gone to.

While there is nothing wrong with going to an indoor park or pool, I really want to expose the kiddos to nature the way my mom did for me when I was younger.

We would go to the Botanical Garden and different nature spaces in NYC.

I’d like to keep on this “nature” tradition as this is one of the reasons why I moved to New Hampshire; to experience more of the great outdoors.sleepy1Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!


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