Enjoying Simple Things.

We’ve been spending a lot of time at that local “field.” fieldI honestly don’t know we haven’t before.donut_allyIt’s only a two minute drive away. donut_harryThere’s a pond, a soccer area and picnic benches. 105340026_10104235224258500_8048558338927521792_nWe’ve had meals there, played with kites and even just thrown rocks into the pond.105392045_10104235224213590_3477714580668097690_nThey have a small “beach” area, that is perfect for fishing [some day].

The “beach (aka pond)” that we typically go to in Massachusetts is currently closed (only coastal beaches are open).

However, my second favorite beach just recently opened up in NH.107761700_10104257604243830_8101720290778049127_nIt’s only $4.00 per adult and kiddos under 11 are free.

I like this beach (aka lake) because the water is pretty shallow and the area is small enough for me to take them alone.
107764101_10104257604438440_4618341910894777628_nThere are also trails that are easy enough for my kiddos, a playground and a field area for them to play at.108851582_10104257604478360_8999559050956980480_nNeedless to say, there is plenty for them to do.

The picnic table out front has been utilized so much more.kiddos2We’ve been enjoying the simple things.

Something as simple as moving a table to a new spot in the house [to give it a fresh feel] and eating a meal outside has made a difference for our “new normal.”

What are some simple things YOU are enjoying this summer?

P.S: Winner of the TIU booty band and virtual HIIT bootcamp guide is Michele. 😀

One thought on “Enjoying Simple Things.

  1. I’m having a love hate relationship with this post… it’s winter where I live and I’m currently lying in bed with two duvets and the heater on… also have my toddler up against me for extra warmth! Your babies are gorgeous and seem so happy to be out in the sun 💖


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