I Took My Kids’ Toys Away [And Gave Some Back]: Part II

If you missed part one of this post, click HERE.

It has been one week of me taking the kid’s toys away.

My oldest is still playing with her dress up box and hasn’t asked for anything else. My youngest plays mostly with her “bedtime” stuffed animals and my son is still playing with his cars.

I DID give back the trains and tracks since the kiddos enjoy playing with them first thing in the morning before breakfast.trainAs I mentioned in the previous post, they still has access to books, dinosaurs and the coloring basket. After dinner is when I find that they enjoy coloring the most and unwinding from the day.106101827_10104235224103810_2495496299252755566_n1I did failed to mention that they DO have access to their outside toys, but I keep the shed closed now so they don’t go in.105311137_10104230857958600_7027511044573477407_n2They have everything they could need outside of the shed, [minus the balls].

I prefer to use them for when we go to the field.

We decided to make some more room on the deck, so when it’s hot outside, the kiddos can play under there as well. deck_kitchenWe moved the picnic table out front so they have a different space to play in.deck_2They’ve been enjoying using the bubble machine way more too. ❤bubbles2The kiddos used to not be so distracted by the toys in their room.

They didn’t really have a lot of toys out to begin with, as I decluttered plenty last year. But since the twins stopped napping, it seemed to be a major distraction before bedtime.room2Not to mention the cause of mess and meltdowns because they didn’t want to clean all the mess they created taking ALL the toys out from the six cube.wp-15851555205176028415625094924403.jpgFor now, all those toys from the six cube (minus the dress-up box) are still in the shed.

Perhaps before my oldest’s birthday I’ll go in and declutter the toys/ closet again to prep for gifts [and also Kindergarten].

We’ll see.

I’m still taking it day by day. 😉


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