Glute Activation Workout

Happy July!

I figured I’d start off the month with one of my favorite workouts!

If you been following me, you’ll know I love this booty band from Tone It Up. I like to use it activate my glutes before a leg workout or use it for my workouts, like this one.20190511_134619For this workout, we have 11 moves and it’s only TEN minutes. However, you can repeat the set 1-2 more time through for a killer booty burn.

All you’ll need is a mat and band; set your timer for 30 seconds ON, 10 seconds OFF.

I also included the video for this workout (on YouTube), if you’d like to follow along with me. Alright, let’s do this.

Glute Activation/ Booty Band Workout:

  1. Double Pulse Squat x2
  2. Side Steps x2
  3. Squat to Leg Lift (R)
  4. Squat to Leg Lift (L)
  5. Alternating Squat Outs x2
  6. Glute Kickback (R)
  7. Glute Kickback (L)
  8. Glute Bridge x2
  9. Single Leg Bridge Lift (R)
  10. Single Leg Bridge Lift (L)
  11. Bridge Hold w/ Band Press Outs

Follow Along With Me HERE.

For a full glute/ leg day workout, click HERE.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Glute Activation Workout

  1. My fave is the glute kickback. I’ve just started my weight loss journey literally 10 days ago. Following you on youtube and look forward to working out with you there.


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