This week I made the hard decision to stop doing YouTube videos.

With finding out that work is going to be closed until next year and just trying to navigate my thoughts, I just have not had the energy to make a video.

It’s time consuming to not only make a video but edit one as well. A 30 minute video could take anywhere from 2-4 hours to edit depending how “perfect” I want it to be or how many interruptions I had from kiddos.editingI just felt like it was taking away from me not being stressed; it was just adding more stress.

It didn’t feel fun anymore; it started feeling like work. On the days I wanted to workout for myself, I simply had no desire let alone any energy. On days I wanted to blog, I had to edit a video instead and was too tired after to write.105510882_10104235224163690_5158868162136602806_nOn a long conversation with my mom, I mentioned I hadn’t read a book in over five weeks. That is a lot for me. I might go two weeks without reading a book, but never over a month.

I ended up picking up this book [curbside] from my local library.cookY’all know I love me a good book decluttering [and/or minimalism].

After ten pages in, I put it down and went to tackle the shed. I was reading something about Goodwill, when I realized I had a few bags to donate. I found out that they are open for donations on certain days.

So, you guys know what my “workout” area looks like.gymsetupHere’s the opposite view.104757863_10104235224053910_6091270276283630565_nNow it may not look organized to you, but trust me it was much worse. I also have three kids who like to play in the shed when it’s too hot out and constantly “disorganize” the space.

#momlife 😉

I was so zoned in on the task didn’t turn back [or snap a before picture].

I managed to gather two bags of trash and three bags of donations. It felt good to get it out of the house/ shed and into the car.

Sometimes even clutter that isn’t directly “visual,” can weigh you down. I think seeing the bags on that blue cart (pre-decluttering) entered my subconscious every single time I went into the shed.

That in turn would just cause “indirect” stress.

I wanted to “make space” for the kiddos to play; this would mean more space for me to workout if they were in there at the same time.

I use to spend 1-2 hours every Sunday recording the workout videos.96838038_10104171452312990_1192584724426522624_n Now, I can just sit back and relax.



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