Not Fitting The “Mold.”

I’ve found that I just never fit in your “typical” trainer mold.

I was never the skinniest, most toned with a six pack or most stylish. When I started working as a trainer and instructor at a cooperate company, I finally found the right space for me. 20200116_1110094037867872127392639.jpgEveryone there was in the gym before or after work or even on their lunch break.

No one was paying as it was a perk of being an employee, so if you were working out you had dedication and goals in mind. 61456322_10103747200621780_906962445690470400_nI’ve definitely missed working and interacting with my class folks. When I found out that I wouldn’t be able to go back to work until January, I was devastated.

What was I going to do until then? 

Should I look for another facility to train at?

Should I completely rethink my career?

The company didn’t have plans to keep the gym (most likely) past the next two years. By then, all the kiddos would be in school full time, so I would have more flexibility. wp-15813365458603032209395637089201.jpgI figured I’d take the summer “off” to decide my next move before my oldest heads to kindergarten in the fall.

For now, I am working on the YouTube videos (as I mentioned before) and blogging to keep my creativity flowing.

Oh and by the way, it was my birthday on the 22nd. I decided to post this video as a “birthday gift” to myself. This is by far my favorite video that I posted. total_body_burn_hiitThis workout was hard; it was 90 degrees and I wanted to give up midway. I paused myself for a couple of minutes (you’ll notice in a transition) and just said “f it,” I’m going to keep going.

You’ll notice real fatigue on my face and sweat.

I wore a sports bra only and wasn’t sure if I wanted to redo the video or not but I chose not to. Like I said, not every fitness professional has a six pack, is super buff or is barbie doll like (no shame to those folks either).

 This is my trainer and #mombod. 58377750_10103716322382020_8000980217919176704_nI have extra skin and stretch marks.

I’ve had three kids in under three years (twins remember?) and lost almost 100lbs back in 2009. I just love pushing myself and trying new workouts and routines. 51811970_10103653540282850_2181744645069864960_nFeel free to follow the channel as I post new workouts EVERY MONDAY at 4:00pm.

Remember you are strong and can do anything. 💪

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