NH Reopens.

A few weeks ago it seemed as if the “stay at home” order in my state was going to be extended.

But then all of a sudden, New Hampshire was [pretty much] going to reopen on June 15th. That’s just how it’s been; things can turn a complete 180 the next week or even the next day.fieldWhen I came across the news article that mentioned the reopening, I was ecstatic. 

I took the kiddos to a local field  and they were so excited.

You would have thought I was taking them to Disney, but obviously they just hadn’t been anywhere in quite some time (March 18th).83599570_10104220059863070_877660274807011151_nWe enjoyed a stroll and a little soccer.

Along with playgrounds, camps, gyms, the town pool and other places were going to be opening up the week of the 15th. 104474380_10104222379195110_3624497725314660345_nWe looked into a summer camp for my oldest and found one that was nearby. She started on Tuesday and was so ready to go the minute she woke up. school_dayI couldn’t believe it had been since March 15th that she last went to school.

While my oldest was at her first camp day, I decided to rearrange the kid’s room a bit to make room for the air conditioner. room2My oldest really liked it and she said it looks like “a little house.”room3-1How cute is this “Dream Big” sign?
room4I recently got it from Dollar Tree and it matched perfectly with her rainbow pillow.

Lastly, we went to Friendly Farm, which is a family friendly farm where you can walk around with [most] animals and feed them. 104746115_10104223420313700_9039301327837787330_n_1The kids had a blast!103536260_10104223419674980_5167953500774899959_n_1 It was our first time going and since it was five of us, we ended up getting their discount card. We’d basically get three visits for the price of two with the discount.105455688_10104223419759810_2955280227067656039_nThe kids were sad to leave and can’t wait to go again.chickenI think in a matter of five days we managed to make staying home for over three months. I am definitely beat.

Looking forward to relaxing over the next few days.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. 🙂

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