Hello friends, we are back on [blog] track. 🙂

I’ve been trying to find little joys in some “not so common” things for myself.

I decided to place a Grove Collaborative order (I haven’t since we moved to the house) and get a few Mrs. Meyers products to make cleaning more “fun.”103967499_10104211662671110_1816251689879515529_nNow if you know me, I love cleaning. But being home practically 24/7, I needed to jazz up my cleaning with some “fancy” stuff.

As a minimalist, this is not something I care for, but with the pandemic it was an extra cost that just made cleaning [and being at home] more enjoyable.103470431_10104211662785880_6701038519289789779_nI got the rosemary multi-surface spray and let me tell you, this is my new favorite scent. Basil is my usual go to (mint is great too), but Rosemary took first place. 101823292_10104204581322190_7234160605182033920_nI was bummed they didn’t have dish or hand soap for it, so I opted for the Fresh Cut Grass scent since it’s a Grove exclusive. 101787512_10104204581985860_9186351454577754112_nThe smell is okay but I felt it was too strong.

Definitely not one of my favorites.

I ended up getting these walnut scrubber sponges for free. I find these sponges to be really good quality. However, a cheaper alternative are these sponges. 83242873_10104204581417000_6420615948742426624_nThe Scotch-Brite sponges are great quality as well and last a long time. I wash them every few days to get them to last even longer.

I also snagged this cream cleanser for the bathtub. I haven’t used it just yet, so I’ll let y’all know how it is later. 😉101110725_10104204581706420_7782333603362373632_nMy kiddos love trying new toothpaste and they are a fan of strawberry.101790130_10104204581601630_6568875054409449472_nI saw this one at Grove and had to snag it. At $4.49 it was a bit more expensive then our usual go to, but I did notice at Target it was $3.99.

Only my oldest liked it and the twins didn’t care for it one bit. I tried it out myself and compared to the Tom’s, the strawberry “taste” is stronger.

Lastly, I found this soap on sale.101843680_10104204581237360_142291270084067328_n Lately I’ve been a fan of using “fancy” soap. This cedar and sage bar soap smells amazing and I like that it has oatmeal in it for exfoliating.

And that’s a wrap!

Those are some of the new products I’ve been using around the house. If you’re interested in seeing some of my other favorite cleaning products, click HERE.

Stay safe and healthy.

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