Things I Currently Can’t Live Without; Kids Edition.

I decided to bring a kids edition of “things I currently can’t lived without” for y’all.

For those newer readers I have an almost five year old girl (August) and two and a half year old boy/ girl twins.sleepy1For this post, I am sharing five things “I currently can’t live without” for my kids.

KiwiCo Box: I used a 20% off code through a YouTuber I watch (not sure if it still works) and I was pumped to get this for my daughter. 97741788_10104175951736110_466659316380729344_n1The first box was “rainbow” themed (had a rainbow cloud pillow, rainbow bag and stained “glass” craft). The second box we got was music themed (haven’t opened yet).97139482_10104180447571420_4126258927618752512_n_1Now I only got a second box because when I hit “cancel subscription,” it asked if I wanted the next box for $9.95.kiwicoI really liked it to bring in something “new” for my oldest these days. 98348178_10104188259825600_3261311484105326592_nBesides, who doesn’t like getting a package in the mail?

Zycomotion Three Wheel Scooter: We got this scooter for my son. He’s doing pretty good and is happy to “be like” his big sis. harryscooterMy oldest has this scooter, for those who are curious.sammyscooterOf course, my youngest got jealous so we order her one. Although, she probably won’t know how to use it til the fall. 😉

Splash Mat: These have been a hit the past couple of years living at this house.99297633_10104189242002310_1812510537175531520_nI usually only leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes since the yard will get muddy. 99280860_10104189241912490_8856024377381093376_n_6But all three love it, so I am excited for them to use it again.

Mud Kitchen: Pat found this kitchen on the side of the road. 99127620_10104189269856490_4237502858372579328_nWe already have a kitchen the kids got for Christmas, so we didn’t need another. But, I had seen cool “mud kitchens” around like this one and liked the idea.

Needless to say, it worked out.100686298_10104189269891420_203547012782620672_nThe kiddos love it, especially my youngest and it’s the “cleanest” way for them to play with mud. We keep it covered by a tarp so it doesn’t get too wet when it rains.

VTech Text & Go Learning Phone: I got this for my oldest late last year and used it first for a road trip to NYC. 20191216_1429114575576292025864795.jpg She had fun with it and wouldn’t put it down for the first week!20191221_1008023020033514913275050.jpgIt worked out well since it had activities of things she was currently learning at school such as patterns and letter sounds.

If you are interested in more learning toy ideas for toddlers (I’d say 3 and under), check out this post HERE

Here are things I currently ALWAYS have on hand (mostly from Walmart & Dollar Tree)

  • Stickers
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Coloring Books
  • Playdoh
  • Paint/ Paintbrushes
  • Bubbles (warmer months)
  • Popsicles (warmer months)

And there you have it.99131970_10104189271183830_8175581332970143744_oThese are the things “I currently can’t live without for my kiddos.

Let me know down below what are some of the things YOU or your kiddos are loving during quarantine.

Stay healthy.

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