New Addition.

We got a new table and chair set after a couple of chairs had broken from our kitchen set.  It was from Pat’s grandmother and I believe it was almost 50 years old.

It’s definitely served it’s purpose.

During quarantine, the kitchen table had become the hot spot for a million activities, including homeschooling.wp-1584656338660566039081447481863.jpgIt was time for more space and an upgrade.

This is what the new table looked like with the four chairs and bench.96294397_10104171452891830_2539065875189727232_nThen later that day after we set up the table, the kids wanted to color and use stickers on the table… I was like no way. 

I decided to keep the round table (it’s still in great condition) in the living room and use it as the coloring, play-doh and craft table. 96394363_10104171452797020_4717434177748729856_nI took two chairs from the kitchen and put them with the round table. If all three want to color, I just grab the chair from my desk.

All three kids fit comfortably on the bench [or I sit with Ally on the bench], so for now this layout works until we need to purchase two more chairs.96748207_10104171452727160_1415331679836307456_nThe day I purchased this table off Wayfair, they were having a sale. In total, the four chairs, bench and the table was just over $550.00.

Originally, the whole set is almost $1,400.

Wayfair has different sales weekly, so if you are not in a rush to purchase an item, chances are you’ll find it cheaper another day.

Having this new addition has made being at home more enjoyable since it feels fresh and”new.”96080102_10104171452617380_1719209708474073088_nHopefully, this gives me a little energy boost to want to stick to my nighttime routine more consistently.

My oldest was excited for the new table, especially the bench part.

I wanted the bench because I like sitting outside on my picnic table but it wouldn’t be ideal to have a picnic table in the kitchen. 😉96757798_10104171452572470_5986346840461672448_nSide note, this picnic table [and the chair/ table set] is also from Wayfair. I paid about $170 for the picnic table during  sale and I sit on it every day it’s sunny outside without fail. 95144485_10104161095922280_8414524180556414976_n-1

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Here in New England the rest if the week is supposed to be 70s and above. Can’t wait to whip out the splash pad for the kiddos.

Stay healthy. ❤


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