Outer Order.

Hello May!

This past weekend was amazing.95664498_10104161095847430_4095565884435726336_nI made it a point to wake up before the kids and it started my day on the right note.

No to mention, the sun was shinning, the kiddos [mostly] behaved, I got to workout outside and even got to read.95144485_10104161095922280_8414524180556414976_n-1I wish every day was like this, but of course, not every day is going to be perfect. I’m trying to find the small wins in each day.

I managed to finish this book by Gretchen Rubin.

I really enjoyed it, even though most of the tips for decluttering and organizing I either do already or knew. Rubin goes through how to declutter and organize items such as clothing, your desk and sentimental items.

Sometimes it’s nice to get a refresher.

The day I finished the book, I felt motivated to declutter the kid’s coloring basket and book basket/ shelf.95598010_10104161096456210_3324123941995282432_nI like to rotate out their books, ever 4-6 weeks, so this “forced” me to clean up their closet some more as well.

People ask me here and there how my house is so clean with three kiddos under five. Truth is, this tip is key:95621579_10104161095887350_1076761929038430208_oHaving three kids, something is always in the wrong place. So, every time I go into a different room, I make sure I grab any item[s] that don’t belong.

She also talks about having a home for every item.

This is another key thing for me. It makes clean up 100 times faster because you see “said” item and you know exactly where it goes.

It also helps the kids clean faster.

Take their toy shelf; they know which toys go where, so even my 2.5 year old twins can clean with a breeze.wp-15851555205176028415625094924403.jpgShe also touches on counter spaces and other surfaces. 95833895_10104163324905380_7761843744617267200_oI like to keep these “clutter magnets” as empty as possible. wp-15842150369915068747409588478782.jpgI don’t usually have my coffee machine out but since I am home “24/7,” it’s a must.96090781_10104163732558440_645935228455485440_oYou have to find the “outer order” that works for you.

Rubin says “it’s not enough to eliminate clutter, we want our surroundings to be beautiful.”95852565_10104161096491140_3741308967452672000_nYou want to enjoy your space and if you don’t, why not?

What could you change?

This reminds me of Becker’s “A Minimalist Home,” where he goes into detail room by room on how to declutter and make room for what matters most.54521419_10103685491971410_7568831577942130688_nAs I mentioned, many of the tips Rubin presents in her book were a refresher for me. Some tips like “include something purple in every room” wouldn’t be something for me, although my mom who is a purple lover may approve. 😉

If you are looking for a lighter read [than “A Minimalist Home] to motivate you to declutter and organize your home, definitely check out “Outer Order Inner Calm.”

Stay healthy y’all.