SIX MORE Things I Currently Cannot Live Without.

A few weeks ago, I shared eight things I currently cannot live without.

Of course, it’s all dramatics. I CAN live without this things, but they are making quarantine feel a bit easier.

Here are six more things I currently cannot live without!

Atlas Bars. My mom actually introduced me to this bar when she had a promo code for a sampler pack. After that, I was hooked!wp-15830230155758475361265707658287.jpgThey remind me of the “old version” of Quest bars (if anyone knows what I’m even talking about lol) and they taste amazing. I used to love Quest bars but the amount of fiber in them just wreck my stomach.
atlasThe peanut butter & raspberry Atlas bar is by far my favorite flavor.
They usually have deals here and there on their Instagram and website. I love having one post workout to hold me over to the next meal,

Califia Hazelnut Creamer. They ran out of the better half creamer at my supermarket but this one one was in stock.

wp-15876477287916460071527985308193.jpgLet me tell you, this creamer is, delicious, sweet and thick.

It tastes so decadent and it feels like you are having a fancy Starbucks coffee. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the two grams of sugar per serving (I used about 3 TBS, so that’s six grams of sugar per coffee).

I did mix in unsweetened almond milk so that the sugar content can be lower. I’ll definitely get it again to enjoy a more decadent cup of coffee.wp-15860034898436072950219971070529.jpgPineapple Fluff Mainstays Candle. If you know me, you know I am a candle addict. Since it’s been colder then normal this spring, I’ve been able to still enjoy burning candles in the morning.
94745089_10104148727438820_3128784143563882496_nThis candle doesn’t smell like pineapple at all. It smells like maple with a HINT of pineapple.

I couldn’t find a link for it, but it’s at Walmart and this size was under $5.00.

I’m digging it!

Disfuser. Typically in the warmer weather I switch to just my difuser and use [mainly] lemongrass essential oil.94706475_10104148728167360_3642621304869224448_nBooks. Right now I am reading this book by Gretchen Rubin.
95141712_10104148727508680_1582744394023305216_nIt’s a light read on decluttering and organizing your spaces; both mental and physical.

Cafe Music BGM. I’ve been listening to this channel since quarantine started.20200427_070234It just puts my in a relaxed mood and makes me feel like I am at a high end coffee shop. They run a live station all day so you never have to switch to another video.

There you have it.

Six more things I currently can’t live without.

And while some of these “things” are not necessarily THAT important to me as a minimalist, there is a time and place where “things” can be quite helpful.

Stay healthy. ❤

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