Easter Baskets [4.5 & 2 Year Olds]

This year’s Easter baskets I kept more simple.

I’ve had to use some stickers and treats sooner with during “social distancing.”

I’ve also given the kiddos their Easter pajamas early. These Anna dresses I spotted at Walmart over a month ago for only $3 from $16.00 a piece.wp-1584656342979753795563720564173.jpgHarry’s pj’s were $3.00 as well but they were originally $12.88.wp-15846563421716020603820395210086.jpgThe Easter baskets that the kiddos have are from Target two years ago.92925654_10104113627509360_4257781366072016896_n[Most] everything is from last year’s Easter clearance from Walmart. 92839535_10104112193218690_1202569273554239488_nThis year, I did snag the little Easter books from Walmart. The Trolls socks and Easter stickers are from Target.

Specifically, In my four year old’s basket:

  • Doddle Kit
  • Bunny Bath Bomb
  • Bunny Bath Sponge
  • Color Your Own Puzzle
  • Trolls Socks
  • Easter Stickers

In everyone’s basket:

  • Playdoh
  • Balloon
  • Book
  • Bunny Pens
  • Coloring Pad
  • Coloring Pad
  • Lollipop
  • Bubbles
  • Bunny Gummies
  • Unicorn Ears (Girls) so I didn’t go to crazy on their baskets.

The twins still don’t “understand” what is going on during holidays yet, so I didn’t go to crazy on their baskets. 92275429_10104113627544290_298567082532929536_nBut I’ll tell you, the one thing that they will pay most attention to in this baskets are the gummies. #toddlerlife 😉

I don’t typically do a “big” gift for the kiddos, but Pat and I decided to get them some dolls as well. 92555767_10104112192899330_2505463442635227136_nMy mom also got the kiddos some Easter pajamas from Old Navy. wp-15860034945253759876637652637957.jpgThanks mom.

There you have it!

My kiddos Easter baskets for this year. Again the baskets themselves I kept more simple and just opted to go with a “big” toy gift for this year.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Easter. 🙂

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