Seven Things I’m Doing To Stay Sane.

I can’t believe my kiddos haven’t been “anywhere” since March 13th.

I’m not sure how I survived this long to be honest.

The first week was the hardest, but as time goes on, it gets a bit “easier.’

Today I am sharing with y’all seven things I’ve been doing to stay sane during these unknown times.

Getting Fresh Air. I am thankful to have a yard and plenty of space for the kiddos to run around and play in.wp-1587154223070127704866399572159.jpgWhenever it’s 45 degrees or warmer, you will find us outside.

Scheduling: Typically, the days I don’t work and I’m with the kiddos all day, we have our set routine.wp-15856915221631690994890628549389.jpgBut now that I am with them six days versus four, I felt that I really needed to start planning out the days more [as recommended by my mom].

Sammy’s teacher does story time, lively letters on Facebook, so I’ve been working on doing “school work” between 9:00am and 11:00am.wp-15846563392975265882233256621531.jpgGetting Ready: I always found that getting ready and dressed helps to set the tone for my day [even if I am not going anywhere].wp-15871544788074080179399947969364.jpgI take a shower after I clean up from breakfast while the kiddos watch something.

Sipping Drinks Slowly: I’ve been enjoying making iced tea lemonade with lime.

This is something I would typically batch and make for a few days but there is something therapeutic about doing it daily.wp-1585357730311875108380603654001.jpg Of course, we can’t forget good ole coffee.

Reading: I am trying to get into the habit of reading a few times a week.

Whether it’s a book or an educational article (not COVID-19 related), I want to keep stimulating my brain.wp-15850748337554947727250397488552.jpgSo glad I picked Essentialism up to reread before the library closed.

Exercise: Surprisingly this has been the hardest task. While I enjoy working out, it’s something I used as an escape (aka going to the gym).wp-15856916043981310072946804678405.jpg I’ve been trying to plan out my workouts to feel more motivated and held accountable.

Relaxing: While this may seem quite obvious, I just find it hard to relax. The other day, I remembered I never finished the second season of “Tell Me a Story.” wp-15856915244128578152865237800599.jpgDuring a day all three kiddos napped at the same time I opted to relax, sip some coffee and enjoy the show.  

Just focusing on that “self-care.”

There you have it.

Some things try to do daily (some weekly) to stay sane during this pandemic.

And if you’re like me, you’re phone has become your lifeline.

I use it for workouts, meditation and logging my daily eats. If are interested in apps that you can use for your overall well being, check out this article by ivee that includes FIVE health and wellness apps.

Stay safe and healthy friends. ❤

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