How We Are Doing On Our “Staycation.”

This is rough for me, not going to lie.

I am used to only having four full days with the kids, not six. Usually if they start to get stir crazy, that’s when I get out of the house with them.

Clearly that is not an option.wp-15850748303265176476897740397000.jpgI’ll be honest, I was worried how this would impact Pat and I’s relationship. It is actually going well and we are working together through all this.

Right now, I am not working (obviously, since I work in a gym) and I won’t be getting paid past this week since I am considered self-employed.

Since Pat now works for Amazon and they are considered essential workers, he got a raise and is actually getting a promotion for working so hard.

We are lucky that he can still work and provide for the family. wp-15853577310988092297312142033626.jpgThe kiddos have been okay but I can tell my oldest misses school. wp-15850748338561002564318164181168.jpgFrom time to time she will ask if we can go to gymnastics or see her friends. Her teacher has been using Facebook live to read stories, sing songs. etc.

wp-15846563392975265882233256621531.jpgDays we can go outside are the better days. wp-15850748325658921500194140466435.jpgThe snow we had this past week but a damper on my spirits. wp-15851555215651893377404551162411.jpgHowever, it did give me the opportunity to rearrange and declutter the kids room. I moved the books out of the toy shelf and into the bookshelf just to have a designated reading corner.wp-15851555205176028415625094924403.jpg I swapped out toys and books to give the kids different things to play with and read. wp-15851555210964901210315894848142.jpgA fresh space can spark creativity [and it has].

Hope everyone is doing well during this time. We all just need to take it one day at a time. As they say “this too shall pass.”wp-15850748291796362072498650625579.jpgWe got this. ❤

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