Stocking Up.

There are many posts, YouTube videos and such on what families have been doing to stock up for our nation’s COVID-19 outbreak and state of “social distancing.”

I wanted to share what our family decided to stock up on.

I already had a 72-Hour Emergency Kit prepped in case of a power outage. I followed this video by Do It On A Dime.

Now you can modify it to your families needs of course. Although my husband and I are going through a separation, we decided to stock up as a family of five in case. He is still working, but my work officially closed Monday afternoon.

I’m only including the dry/ [mostly] non-perishable items that I stocked up on for the family. This should last us about two weekswp-15845340113594293408867658660738.jpgI do plan to go to the grocery store one last time today to make an official last run to the outside world (plus I had to pick up from check from work).

After that, I plan to stay home with the kiddos until “further notice.”

What We Had:

  • 8 Gallons of Water
  • Water Bottles (Case of 40)
  • Emergency Kit (again see video for what is mostly in it)

What We Stocked Up On:

  • Soup (10 Cans – Tomato, Minestrone, Chicken Noodle & Chicken w/ Rice)
  • Annie’s Macaroni & Cheese (4)
  • Wheat Bread (2 Loaves)
  • Beans (6 – Baked, Black & Chickpeas)
  • Canned Fruit (8 – Mandarins, Peaches, Pineapple)
  • Canned Veggies (4 – Corn, Peas & Carrots)
  • Minute Rice (6 – Jasmine & Brown)
  • Cracker Goods (6 – Peanut Butter Crackers, Goldfish, Ritz & Triscuits)
  • Veggie Sticks/ Snapeas (3)
  • Apple Sauces & Apple Sauce Pouches (16)
  • Raisins (12 Boxes)
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly (2 PB, 1 Jelly)
  • Pretzels (2 Bags)
  • Yogurt Melts (6 Bags)
  • Granola Bars (15 – Cliff, Nature’s Valley, Kind, Quaker and a few others)
  • Boxed Milk (2- 2%)
  • 100% Apple Juice (3)
  • Cereal (5 – Rice Crispies, Special K Protein Ancient Grain & Cinnamon Life)
  • Muffin & Cake Mix (4 – for fun)

Non-Food Items:

  • Laundry Detergent (2)
  • Diapers (144 Count)
  • Pull-Ups (27 Count)
  • Baby Wipes (6 Packages)
  • Dish Soap (2)
  • Ibuprofen/ Pain Meds (1- Adults & 1 – Kids)
  • Cold & Cough Meds (1 – Adults & 1 – Kids)
  • Probiotics (2)
  • Vitamins (2)

Kid Essentials [To Not Go Too Crazy]:

  • Stickers (10 Pacakges- like ALOT)
  • Play-Doh (8)
  • Markers & Crayons (2 Each)
  • Coloring Books (4)
  • Notebooks (4)
  • Bubbles (4)

I did buy our fresh basics at the supermarket such as milk (3 Gallons), eggs (24), butter, fruit, veggies and such but I expect those to only last 1.5-2 weeks. Hence why I plan to do a run today for some of those items.

I also made sure to get plenty of nuggets and a few frozen pizzas to have on hand.

There are many schedules going around if you have kids in a school age group. My feelings on those are 50/50 and I’ll just say this; don’t stress it.

We plan to use ABC Mouse with my oldest (who’s in PreK), worksheets, plus we have “Blizzard Bags” with assignments that we got from school.20190726_1402146970700805403318884.jpgI am thankful to be in this house with a spacious backyard, because if we still lived in our apartment, I definitely would be losing my marbles.20191026_1601034001064036874609828.jpgThat’s just the truth.

I hope this list helps anyone out with some ideas on what to stock up on as I didn’t see much for parents. wp-15844584180556700548010352441892.jpgSomething as simple as stocking up on stickers and coloring items is a fantastic reminder for when having to spend a lot of time indoors (like in too cold/ hot weather).wp-15844584188442432989181923130632.jpgStay healthy everyone.

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