Week In My Life.

I haven’t updated on a typical week in my life since my “mom” one in 2018.

Initially, I wasn’t going to post this with all the chaos going on, but I figured having some normalcy helps. But also, come September, once my oldest starts kindergarten, routines will definitely change.

With [current] new schedules, routines and such, I wanted to share with y’all what a week in my life looks like at the moment.wp-15839410057786853683389959889885.jpgSpoiler alert, it’s not glamorous.

However, I do like this more simple approach to the week that I’ve been taking. No longer am I over packing the week with activities.

I let the kids get more creative with coloring, block building, dress-up items, etc. 20191207_081324787489212545930146.jpgI now prefer to use places such as the indoor park or [open play] gymnastics as incentive for extra well behaved kiddos.

Without further ado, he’s a “typical” week in my life.

Sundays: I like to have one solid “no drive day” as I call it where the kids and I stay in.  Typically, I’ll make muffins for breakfast too.

I also deep clean the house (specifically kids room, bathroom and kitchen), do laundry and meal prep a few things.wp-15839405083215396985613813927022.jpgIf it’s nice out, we’ll hang out and play in the yard. I some point Sundays [out or inside], I’ll write out a to-do list and plan out the week ahead.

Mondays: I have a short work shift from 6:00am-9:00am. I teach a 6:30am strength training class and take care of any emails and go over my calendar. I also get a workout in before I head back home.wp-15839403446362881900190291711192.jpgMy oldest started her dance/ gymnastics combo class last week and she has been loving it. That class is at 10:30am, so I come home in time so her dad can take her.

Once he comes back, I like to do some learning worksheets with Sammy. After, I head to the gym and take care of any errands.wp-15836040332488626008431265723366.jpgI try to get back home by 2:00pm so dad can run his errands and head to the gym.

Tuesdays: Sammy only has school on Tuesdays and Fridays now [due to an IEP change]. She starts at 12:15pm, so we enjoy a morning in.

I used to go to the gym to workout at 6:00am, but now that Pat starts at 7:00am, I just workout at home. Once the weather gets warmer I workout outside on the deck [or in the shed].img_20190824_151814_4613587306614259161952.jpgWednesdays: Another 4:45am wake up call.

Wednesdays I work from 6:00am – 2:00pm and they are a pretty low-key workday. I teach barre and catch up on any emails from the past couple of days.

On my break I eat breakfast (9:00am) read, blog or take a Barre3 class. I usually get home by 4:00pm, usually running any errands or staying later at work if I need to.wp-15839403450568151940743296093933.jpgThursdays: My third and final work day.

Thursdays I teach barre, HIIT and a spin class (on my break). By the time my third class rolls around at noon, I am done for the day.wp-1583942084456482723705299534592.jpgI usually get home a bit later Thursdays since it’s when I usually make my grocery runs (I shop at two different ones).

Sometimes, I’ll even take a nap if needed while dad takes the kids out to the library or if it’s nice, they’ll play outside.wp-15835984314118696739986807251399.jpgFridays: I am pretty beat by the time Friday rolls around. I take it easy in the morning and enjoy a rest day from my workouts.

I clean what needs to be clean around the house (the kitchen is always priority for me) but other than that, I save the deep clean for Sundays. wp-15842150366148279099134470868864.jpgThe only thing I have to do is take my oldest to school.

Saturdays: Another rest day from my workouts.wp-15819384036007776517971268106483.jpgPat works both weekend days from 7:00am-5:00pm.

I am typically with the kiddos all day and do bedtime with them. Most of the time we alternate between two different libraries.wp-15835993966076492505312398227913.jpgWe also spend time outside as long as the weather allows.

Just a low key day for us.

There you have it!

Sure it may not be the most exciting “week in the life,” but I enjoy the routine.wp-15839421782356195868501535759352.jpgI look forward to work and watching the kiddos have fun whether we are at gymnastics or at home in our yard.20200128_1016066781030724332942714.jpgIt’s the little things in life right? ❤

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