Life Updates + New Favorites.

This past week has been a bit chaotic.

Between my weekend trip to NYC, catching up on work when I came back and dealing with the kiddos while my oldest was on winter break… the week just seemed to escaped me.wp-1583206391473342836941582684572.jpgI’m pumped to finally get back on a routine this week now that a. school is back in session and b. their dad recently changes positions which means a [somewhat] new schedule to settle into.

As far as my week goes, nothing changes day wise.

The only difference is that he gets out of work earlier than he used to, which means more help for bedtime. I’ll be sharing an updated “week in my life,” once we adjust to this routine over then next week or so.

Now on to some random life updates.

My oldest had her first daddy/ daughter dance and she had a blast.wp-15830230175034852699007431570436.jpgShe also is going to be starting gymnastics/ dance combo on March 9th too. She is really excited and I’m excited too for her to be able to do both in one class.

A new gymnastics studio in my town opened up and when I saw they offered this combo class, I knew this was the class for her.

Sammy couldn’t really decided between the two so now she doesn’t have to; it’s 2/3 gymnastics and 1/3 dance.20200128_101626126112451090243666.jpgIn other news, I’ve increased my sumo squat weight to 40lbs.

I remember last year I started out at 15lbs. I can’t believe how much stronger I’ve become in the past seven months!wp-15830230237722997195934881678521.jpgI’ve tried out a new protein bar; Atlas Bars . wp-15830230155758475361265707658287.jpgMy mom sent me a link for a discount (I’m pretty sure it’s done) but these bars are similar to Quest, however, they are much softer in texture which I like. wp-15830230167224244197486542522096.jpgMy favorite flavor is the peanut butter & raspberry, but the peanut butter chocolate chip comes in at a close second. I also like that they also keep me full and satisfied to hold me over to my next meal.

I’ve been enjoying using the hazelnut nutpods creamer in my coffee.wp-1583205116581681885930695958595.jpgThe other day at my local supermarket, the Califia farms one was on sale.

I used to like the unsweetened one but I switched over to the original [which has a few grams of sugar]. wp-15830230147332143651836099211283.jpgThe only issue I have with the Califia one is it isn’t as coconut-y as the nutpods creamer, but it is still delicious nonetheless.

I’m also still slightly obsessed with this mugwp-15832047913322549212527671792596.jpgAnd Sammy’s picture of a yellow dinosaur. ❤

I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to March! Looking forward to warmer weather, daylight savings time and spending more time outdoors.20190811_1807515081530494766556736.jpg

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