This week I experienced burnout; again.

I experienced burnout last September going through all the motions with my husband. This time, it was between being down, lack of sleep, over caffeinating and working out too hard when I shouldn’t have.

Yes even I, the fitness instructor, am human.

I took off this week from my Thursday classes. Friday morning, I felt better then I had this past week. Had I taught my three most intense classes of the week, I would have been a Zombie going through the day.

I wanted to have time to clean the house and prep my daughter’s bed for her Valentine’s Day suprise. Naturally, I decided to clean everyone’s bed and change the bed sheets and vacumed their room.wp-15817271778461629545768576371982.jpgI’ve been hanging out at the library or Starbucks at night (when dad does bedtime) and enjoying writing, reading and some YouTube watching.wp-1581337008686949039802496256407.jpgI used to spend hours at Barnes & Nobles back in the day before kids; I also used to work overnights. I would go there, eat dinner, grab a coffee and stay until closing which was 10pm (I started at 11pm).

I would go work out then start my shift (yes, you guessed it, I worked at a gym).

Not sure why I haven’t done this more often.

It feels really good and I feel a bit more like myself again. Coffee, a good book and writing is all I need [plus working out, nature and OF COURSE, my kids]. I enjoy living a more simple lifestyle.wp-1581727553731431891512463340541.jpgNow, back to burnout.

I decided I needed to take it a bit easier over the next week and only work out when I really feel well enough to.

I worked out this past Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. I don’t like to have more than two days between workouts but this week, I may need a third and that’s OKAY.

I need to know when to set rules and boundaries for when I am not feeling the best. It’s one thing if I feel unmotivated, but it’s another if I am sleep deprived and working out on a ton of caffeine. That’s just not healthy. 

On top of that, my favorite mug also broke earlier this week.20200117_073123292271468818925891.jpgI don’t know, but it kind of felt symbolic for me just feeling completely defeated and being burned out. I know, I know, it all sounds very dramatic.wp-15817280917533005346776106923734.jpgNaturally, I got a new one (and got rid of a second; I follow a one in, two out rule). I spotted this one at Target and it just felt right.wp-1581728090345480358728138136320.jpgAs I am writing this, it’s Valentine’s Day evening and I am sipping on some decaf espresso at Starbucks. It feels good to relax and not be on “go” mode.wp-15817293566467049740285605360191.jpgWe all know this.

We all know it’s important to slow down, but it usually doesn’t hit most of us until we are at the edge. If it’s anything you take away from this post, especially if you have kids, make sure you plan some time for you.

Whether it’s an hour, a day or even a week!

Reset and recharge yourself.

It’s okay.


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