Getting It Together.

I recently finished my first book of 2020, ‘Stillness Is The Key.’wp-15808620534498547518461609144734.jpg Really good, but definitely not a light read [to me].

There were many pages that I had to reread but all in all, it was a fantastic book about becoming more “still.” It takes ideologies from Stoicism and Buddhism and put it into perspective to today’s world.

In order to move forward in life and be the best version of ourselves, we need to learn how to be still.

Here is one excerpt from the book that really stood out for me:wp-15808621245563238318845140078645.jpgTaking the time to be patient and still can provide enlightenment.

I will say the moments that I have spent at night alone (I mean while the kids are asleep), were the moments I learned a lot about myself.

I learned where I’ve been wrong, what I needed to truly let go of, learned what I’ve been lacking and where I’ve been settling. I’ve basically have had to face as I find myself; sitting with nothing but my own thoughts.

Since my first book of 2020 was pretty heavy, I wanted to get something that was a bit on the lighter side but still contribute to my personal development.

I spotted this book in the “new in non-fiction section” at my local library and knew I had to snag it; ‘The Year of No Nonsense.’wp-15808619714423266610131292401166.jpgI am already a quarter into the book. It’s a lot of waking up and getting your life together; definitely something I need right now.wp-15813368999257719946173972821482.jpgI’m also trying to get back into “self-care” and my night time routine. Lately, I’ve just been going to bed early so the day is simply over.

I have been keeping steady with my workout routine at least three times a week but I want to work my way back up to 4-5. I’ve been mentally drained, to the point that working out is the last thing I want to do.20200116_1111339073268813427500422.jpgSome of my workouts happen when I have classes and put in about 70-80% effort. wp-15813365458603032209395637089201.jpgI will force myself on some days to wake up and go to the gym because I know it will put me in a better mood.wp-1581336911163197239757800112490.jpgRealistically, I know I can’t read daily, blog twice a week again or even start getting back into any routine overnight.

I can make small changes today, that will have a greater impact in the long run.wp-15813369746774903028627424498266.jpg#ItsTheLittleThings ❤

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