Finding Motivation.

Finding motivation sometimes it hard… especially during the winter months and especially when you live more north.

On the day I am writing this post it was a beautiful, sunny day and 67 degrees [Fahrenheit]. When the day before was 45 and the day before that was 26, 67 degrees feels like summer. 20200112_1236275049750941508479570.jpgFeeling the warmth from the sun on my skin and feeling the cool breeze, just felt so good. I felt “alive” again. 20200112_1338337279543129380560624.jpgSometimes it takes moments like these to give you some motivation again.

But when the weather doesn’t allow for me to sit outside on the backyard, where do I get motivation from?20200116_1111339073268813427500422.jpgRevisit Your Goals: I set a few goals for this year and I’ve been working on them since the end of last year. Have them written down somewhere that you will see every day, that way you don’t lose sight of what you are working towards.20191215_0951128957817177286376439.jpgI had also set a goal to blog twice a week and I knew it wouldn’t happen every week, but I know I need to plan a little better for those busy weeks.

Staying Accountable: I launched a four week workout program earlier this year but have been doing it myself since mid-December. screenshot_20200107-122522_drive7851082275714357731.jpgEssentially this is my “second round” and I find it motivating to use platforms like Instagram to post what day it is in the program or what workout I am doing.

I find that it “mentally” forces you to do it because after all you just shared it with a bunch of people.20200116_1110094037867872127392639.jpgTake Time Off: I know this may sound simple, but it’s true.

I know not everyone’s schedule may allow for this, but even taking just an hour of time for yourself, can do wonders. 20200112_0933034837089458199084520.jpgI used to workout five days a week, but I brought it down to a solid four. I enjoy doing intense and heavy lifting workout sessions.*

Ihave found taking that fourth rest day allows me to lift even heavier and be more motivated on my workout days.

Sometimes we are simply overworked.20200117_073123292271468818925891.jpg We are not robots, we do need to recharge. 

Be sure to take some time this weekend to relax your mind, body and soul. ❤

*If you are interesting in some of my workouts, click HERE.

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