2020 Goals.

We’ve made it to a new decade.

I seriously cannot believe that it is 2020. I still remember when before the year 2000, they were playing Prince’s 1999 song.

I haven’t sat down yet to write out my goals for the year,so I am here writing them out together with y’all.20191215_0951128957817177286376439.jpg#1: Save for an emergency fund. Buying our house last year drained our savings and emergency fund. We weren’t planning on buying a house for another few years at the time but since we got a really good deal [plus had twins], we took the plunge.

I knew the first couple of years would be the toughest, financially. This March makes year TWO at the house, so I know fiances are starting to look up.20191012_1142429215283903512098457.jpg#2: Pay off TWO debts. Every year, I try to pay off something on my [slow and steady] debt free journey. This year I am hoping to pay off one big and one small debt. I won’t go into detail about the actual numbers themselves, but the small one is under $300 and the larger one is over $5,000.

#3: Finish painting the kitchen & bedrooms. Having kids around makes it hard to get anything done around the house. Now that they are a bit older, I’m hoping to get some painting done in the summer and spring months!20190930_1439491147449266421733943.jpg#4: Blog TWICE a week. Last year I made it a goal to blog weekly and while some weeks that didn’t happen, I felt like I did a decent jog getting back to the swing of things. This year, I want to make it to twice a week as much as possible.

I know sometimes it won’t happen every week, but I am going to plan better and hold myself accountable.

#5: Read at LEAST five books. Last year I read about five or six books, so I’d like to continue with that. Sometimes I can finish a book in a week, but other times it takes me a couple of months. 20191022_1519026400004612128228987.jpg#6: Renew Certifications. I need to update a couple of my certification as a fitness coach/ instructor before October, so I want to make sure I get those done asap.

#7: Get more work hours/ add a class. DONE.

I was lucky that my boss is opening up a new gym and one of my employees is going to be working there instead. I will be taking over a few of her hours and class. 20191009_1331242648852724922713041.jpgThis starts at the end of January, but I am so pumped I didn’t have to seek out another gym.

There you have it.

My six goals for 2020. I do have a few other goals in mind, but since they are a bit personal, I prefer not to share them. 😉

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. 20191228_141512407947404106974794.jpgLet’s start off 2020 strong together and set ourselves up for success!

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