Shoulders + Triceps Focused Workout

I’ve been doing this shoulder and triceps focused workout for about three weeks.

Now I only post workouts that I absolutely feel are really good and post worthy… well at least by my standards. 😉20191215_0910467743491590503251993.jpg This workout includes twelve exercises breaking them down into three rounds. All you need is a pair of medium and heavy set of dummbells (I used 8 and 15lbs).

Repeat the four moves in each round one time through at 12-15 reps a piece, then repeat each round two more times through for a total of three sets per move. Rest for about 30-45 seconds before moving to the next move.51811970_10103653540282850_2181744645069864960_nAlso, be sure to warm up for about five to ten minutes before and cool down after. I used the rower to warm-up, since I was at the gym but you could do squats, side lunges, jumping jacks, etc.

Alright, let’s get to it!

Shoulder + Tricep Focused Workout [Three Total Sets at 12-15 Reps PER Move]

Round ONE:

  • Rear Flyes
  • Chest Press w/ Bridge Lift [Hold]
  • Pull Over
  • Overhead Tricep Extension

Round TWO:

  • Front Raises [Palms Facing In]
  • Tricep Kickbacks
  • Lunges w/ Overhead Dumbbell Hold [Right Leg]
  • Lunges w/ Overhead Dumbbell Hold [Left Leg]

Round THREE:

  • Hammer Curl to Shoulder Press
  • Plank to Shin Taps
  • Scaption Raises [Palms Facing Out, Arms More In a Y vs. a T]
  • Alternating Hammer Curls

There you have it.

As always, make sure to talk to you primary health care provider or personal fitness trainer before beginning ANY workout routine.

Feel free to leave a comment down below with any questions or email me at

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