Day In The Life: Work Day.

I haven’t done a “day in the life” post in a while, so I figured I share one in terms of a typical work day for me vs. a #momlife one.

Don’t worry, one of those are coming soon too. 😉

Typically, I have two to three of these work days each week and the other days I am at home with the kiddos.

For our family, we have a good balance where I work part-time and stay at “home” the days I am off.

4:45am: Wake up, drink water, get dressed and brush my teeth.

5:00am: Gather all my drinks, snacks and meals for work and start the car. Thank goodness for this invention, especially here in New England.20191111_0503302459968841562197340.jpgI always put on my my work[out] clothes on the night before, which saves me some time in the morning. On this particular day, I even left a few minutes early!

I try not to spend too much time in the house. I keep the lights mostly off in the house to avoid waking up the little ones.

4:55-5:00am: Leave for work.

5:50am: Get to work, make coffee, catch up on emails and any “clerical” duties.20191205_1143222494869270331072952.jpg6:30am: HIIT class or PT session.

Sometimes I have three people in the morning and do a class, other times I have one and do a personal training session for them. It’s fun for me because each week is kind of a surprise for those early morning classes.

7:30am: Done with class/ PT session, catch up on any more emails and work on some workout routines for class or clients.20191205_071847400983626568560436.jpg7:45am: Breakfast.

Typically I have some nut butter, a banana, oats + more coffee.

8:30am: Read.

9:45am: Workoutusually a HIIT workout.20191130_1111148400111611129341426.jpg10:45am: Shower.

11:00am: Read, watch YouTube or work on a blog post.20191205_0714192871790789577353212.jpg12:00pm: Second class (HIIT or Barre).61456322_10103747200621780_906962445690470400_n12:50pm: Class over.

1:30pm: Clean the gym and get ready to leave work.20191205_1133065471829398329814831.jpg2:30pm: Get to Starbucks hang for a bit, eat lunch and read.20191128_1217478015774444893212081.jpg4:00pm: Get home and dad takes the kiddos to the library.

4:30pm: Get the house cleaned up, relax and start working on dinner.img_20191129_151536_2963433116589062351343.jpg5:30pm: Dad comes back with the kids and we eat dinner.

6:00pm: Clean up from dinner and get ready to start my night time routine.

That sums up what a work day looks like for me. My night time routine typically is the same each day, but my morning routine obviously varies when I work.

As you can tell, I am really making an effort to read more. Even if I just get to read done on my work days, it’s better than no days. ❤

If you want to see what a full week looks like for me, click here.

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