Decluttering for the Holidays

Just as with most things in life, decluttering is NOT a destination, it’s a journey.

Just because you declutter once, doesn’t mean that is the end. You have to continue on with the process and be more mindful of the items that enter your home.

Even though I had decluttered the kitchen earlier this year, I went through to get rid of any extras or broken items that I may have missed.

I had decluttered the kiddos room this summer, but with the twin’s birthday last week and Christmas approaching, I knew I needed to sort through and reorganize; again.

Now that the twins are getting bigger and want to play with more items, I decided to whip out the six cube organizer from the closet, into the bedroom.
I put the kid’s bookshelf in it’s place.
Two of the spots in the cube used to contain diaper supplies, but I now just store that in the bathroom. In essence, the bookshelf made more sense since it fits four cubes and that’s all I need in the closet.
I also removed the spare books that were on this white cart in the closet. Since the toy chest was now empty from their toys, I just put those books in here.
Of course, there is a rug by the door for wet shoes, but once they are dry, they can be put away.

I stored away dolls and dress up that weren’t being used, tossed books that were beyond repair and donating “baby toys” that the twins had outgrown.

I involved my oldest in this process and she did better than I expected.

As far as what we plan to get the kids for Christmas, I am going by a three gift rule. “Something to wear, something they want and something to read.”

There’s also a four gift rule to include “something they need” as well. But for me, the something to wear is going to count as the what they “need.”

Here’s what each kiddo is getting (links included):

They each have stockings that will be filled with random goodies like chocolate, gummies, crayons, little cars, etc.

I wasn’t planning on doing any other gifts, but with the kids outgrowing their kitchen (it just wasn’t big enough for three to play), I found this kitchen on sale at and decided to get this as the big gift from Santa.

The kids also have an “extra gift” from each other as Sammy picked out something from the Dollar Tree for the twins and I got that Frozen Coloring Set that will be from the twins to Sammy.

This is definitely going to be the most mindful Christmas I’ve had with the kids. I’m getting to a point where I prefer spending on experiences versus items.

If I do get items, I want it to be things the kids can really use and play with.

Plus, as a kid it was so much fun to open up gifts and I wouldn’t take that away from my own kids as much of a “minimalist I am.” They can choose in the future if it is something they value or not.

We are also going to be going to Great Wolf Lodge. This was going to be initially in November for the twins birthday, but life happened.

Instead, we will be going as part twins birthday, part Christmas.

The twins got a gift card to Great Wolf Lodge from one set of their Godparents and the deal I received when I booked the room up gave us a $25 food voucher.
Asking for experiences or even gift cards for the experience is a huge help and is something the kids will be able to enjoy more versus a toy.
“Collect moments not things.”

Karen Salmansohn

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