Lower Body Lunge Burn.

I meant to post this workout a few weeks ago…

I kept redoing it and switching things up. After tweaking it numerous times, I am finally satisfied with the results!20190930_1417245873725402385188235.jpgThis workout is self explanatory: it’s a lower body lunge burn, “HIIT” style.

A ton of lunge variations and a bit of cardio moves to get that heart rate up.

The workout is 32 minutes on it’s own, but be sure to warm up before and cool down after. All you need is a set of dumbbells and a timer. I use “A HIIT Interval Timer” [on my Galaxy], but there are plenty of different ‘HIIT’ apps out there.

Okay, let’s get to it. 😉

Lower Body Lunge Burn

  • Warm up 10-15 Mins

Timer 40 Seconds Work, 20 Seconds Rest

  • Do Each Move ONCE, then Repeat the Set once more through for Total of 2 Sets Per Move!

Set ONE:

  1. Sumo Squat
  2. Side Lunge (R Leg)
  3. Side Lunge (L Leg)
  4. Alternating Side Lunges
  5. Deadlifts
  6. Power Jacks

Set TWO:

  1. Narrow Squat to Wide Squat (Alternating Sides)
  2. Overhead Lunge (R Leg, w/ Weight)
  3. Overhead Lunge (R Leg, w/ Weight)
  4. Reverse Lunge to Narrow Squat (Alternating Sides)
  5. [Weighted] Bridge Lifts
  6. [Narrow] Squat Jacks


  1. Situps to a Russian Twist
  2. Knee-In’s
  3. Prayer Crunch
  4. Mountain Climbers

Total Time: 32 Minutes

Happy leg burn!

If you’re looking for more of my “HIIT’ style workouts, click HERE.

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