Nighttime Routine [w/ 3 Kids]

Since focusing more on my nightly self care habits after the kids have gone to bed, I’ve developed somewhat of a “night time” routine.

Here’s what my current solo nighttime routine looks like with three kids:

6:00: Clean the kitchen up post dinner and give the kids some milk.20191108_202357990896521458884788.jpgAt this moment, the kids do their own thing.

I turn off all of the lights in the house except for the ones in the kitchen and their bedroom, so they already know know it’s “quiet time.”20191108_1901469070450081011992305.jpg6:30: Give the kids their bath, get them dressed and brush their teeth.

7:00: Storytime.

7:15-7:30: Kids in bed. My oldest will usually fall asleep within a few minutes. I like to lay down with her and rub her back for a bit before I leave the room.

7:45: Relax. After a long day with the kiddos, I like to veg for a bit on the sofa and maybe read some articles on my phone or read a few pages from a book.

8:30: Put away the dishes and get the living room tidy.20191108_1925412962287365145734282.jpg8:45: Shower, brush my teeth and skincare. 20191108_0923511560298537197852368.jpgNight showers has been new for me [plus this amazing face wash].  

I used to just take a shower in the morning or whenever I had a chance to.20191108_0924173761901496134388383.jpgBut recently, I have found that taking a shower at night calms me down and gives me a bit of an energy boost to be able to enjoy some “quiet time.”

[This eye repair cream has been fantastic for reducing dark circles and puffiness]

9:00: Light a candle, get dressed and then make a to-do list while I catch up on any YouTube videos. 20191006_1423387133230268311277068.jpg9:15: My oldest’s clothes are in the kids bedroom, so I snag those before they go to sleep. The twin’s clothes are in the master bedroom and I’ll grab all their clothes for the next day and lay them out. 20191104_1921312300820725017604857.jpgObviously, not this fancy, just in a pile. This just makes one less thing I have to “worry” about in the morning.20191104_192240972667568796920817.jpg9:30pm: Drink water and read a bit more.20191109_1438467488063850057893698.jpg10:00: Bedtime for me.

I typically like to go to bed no later then 10:30pm. Any later and I feel groggy, especially if I have to wake up before 6:00am.20191109_1436013126087064448456305.jpgAnd there you have it.

Sticking with this routine, sets me up for my morning routine. I find myself more calm as I wake up and find that the kids are more creative when they wake up to a clean space.

Is every night like this?

Absolutely not.

Sometimes I am so tired that after I put the kids to bed, I go straight into the bed, watch a few YouTube videos and fall asleep all before 9:00pm.

#momlife 😉

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