Creating Traditions.

The other day I received a message from Tate’s cookies inviting me to sign up to become a Tate’s Bake Shop Insider.

But as a thank you for being a fan, they sent me a box of four cookie varieties.20191109_1548542629345127654464466.jpgHow cool is that?

If you’ve been following my Instagram or even my blog, you’ll know I lived on these when I was pregnant with the twins. 20191110_1053451082892534850201840.jpgI still live on them now. 😉

The reason I love Tate’s cookies is that they are not overly sweet and have a crispiness to each bite; I am just not a fan of soft baked cookies.20191109_1635174948500053665644950.jpgChocolate chip is my favorite flavor and then coming in close second would be the oatmeal raisin. The walnut chocolate chip cookies are delicious too but nothing can beat good ole chocolate chip.20191110_1053566767418473364533183.jpgI was excited to see the white chocolate macadamia because it’s a flavor I’ve been wanting to try. I plan to save these for Christmas time to bring to my mom. ❤20191109_1634437661651721945759738.jpgSpeaking of cookies, when I was younger, my mom used to get us cookies from Mrs. Field on the occasions that we went to the mall.

Cookies definitely have a nostalgic feel for me from those Mrs. Field trips.

Now that the weather is getting colder, I’ve been using the oven more for baked goods. Every weekend we will make cookies and/or muffins. 20191109_1644018690554617418169639.jpgIt’s an easy activity for my oldest. She also feels proud that she “made” something and helped mom out.20191109_1643328369725386323543049.jpgI enjoy creating my own little traditions with my kids, as my mother had her own with my brothers and I. 20191012_155838721644620124622580.jpgTrips to special places or certain holiday eats, are things that I value from when I was growing up. I want my kids to look forward to those little “traditions” as I did when I was kid.48377500_10103611705864360_2322728634483212288_nDuring Thanksgiving [and Christmas], we always baked cookies. We are currently going on year two with that in my household and I can’t wait.

Oh not to mention turkey is delicious too. 😉


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