Waiting It Out.

I will admit I did buy a few “extra” things aside from Halloween items for next year and a few Christmas items for my kiddos.

Technically, it wasn’t November 4th yet, so I’m off the hook. 😉

I have been looking for new throw pillows for the bed for quite sometime. 20191104_1631363530898974468852954.jpgNaturally, when I spotted these on fall clearance from Target, I just had to get them at only $2.50 a piece.

I love the evergreen color on the back side, as they match the room color scheme quite well.20191102_1233532734125947420214976.jpgI also purchased the green pumpkin on the dresser for $1.50. 20191104_1929357296254762299675687.jpgThese pillows have made the room feel much cozier for the chilly fall weather that has graced us here in New England.20191102_1342583872350169726912032.jpgThe pillows are on the smaller side, but if you noticed the previous ones (which I moved to the sofa), they are just as small.20191102_1349333887686302394570466.jpgI was able to “redecorate” my bedroom for only $6.50 for items I truly wanted to purchased. Did I need new pillows?


Does they make me feel happy and enjoy my space more?


Waiting it out and becoming more intentional with my purchases worked out well since as you know, I do love me some [subtle] pumpkin decor.20190929_195248676985035377288811.jpgSince my first no spend month, I have learned to truly “wait it out.”

If I needed or wanted something, I would get it right away. But lately, waiting a few days or weeks has helped me to avoid those impulse buys. 20190718_1655402578994150157544538.jpg*coughcandlescough*

I don’t feel the urge to buy things or go to the stores as I used to pre “no spend month.” I think about all the times I went to Walmart or the Dollar Tree out of boredom versus necessity.

How much time, money and hassle of lugging that kids I have saved. Even those these impulse buys could range from $1-$5, in the end it all adds up.20191023_1715412274843524878726166.jpgI’ve since then enjoyed more time with my kids (especially outdoors), more time reading and just more time to just be present in the moment.

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