Fall Activities For Toddlers.

This weekended we enjoyed the last day of the farm being open.20191026_1221335750624814769802285.jpgThe weather was absolutely perfect, but I honestly wish I had went more times.20191026_1220128603907583686259880.jpgThere’s always next year to make up for it. 😉 20191026_1224417918401999540102477.jpgWhen we went to the farm in May, only Ally was interested in feeding the animals. 20191026_1241326969829957211875299.jpgNow towards the end of October, they all wanted to feed the animals.20191026_1246278118943507245944636.jpgIt was really amazes me how fast kids grow, especially Harry who was terrified of the animals. Sammy at least wanted to see them, just not feed them.20191026_1213047878128338410998425.jpgThe farm trip cost me some gas, $2.00 to feed the animals and $3.50 for six mini apple cider donuts. Not bad to entertain three kiddos for over an hour.

It had me thinking of activities I want to have planned for this fall [and even winter] for the kids when it gets too cold to be outside.20191023_1715412274843524878726166.jpgFor the twins birthday, my mom asked me what I wanted and a gift card to the “indoor park” was my first thought. It’s $8.00 per child or a 10 pack pass is $60.00.20191011_1055111341600779982516879.jpgI also looked up the schedules for a few libraries near me and there are story times Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays around 10:00am.53913848_10103682533664880_3326930020223418368_nMy daug has preschool at 12:15pm, those days so it’s something I can do to get the twins tired. Hopefully they nap for a couple of hours while their big sis is at school.

Venturing to other libraries for different books and toys is definitely a favorite for my oldest.20191018_143341610123736028268822.jpgThere’s also the play area in the mall.

I am not a fan of the mall on the weekends for the obviously reasons, but on the weekdays after 1:00pm it’s less crowded.20191016_1341067526137655809733967.jpgI’ll usually bring their lunch and maybe get some chocolates from the store or some fries to go with their lunch. Just something small as a treat.

Our town’s recreation center also offers some programs for the fall/ winter such as dance, cooking, tumbling, etc. at Town Hall.

I plan to sign the kids up to maybe one or two of the tumbling sessions. It is a bit more on the “expensive” side ($25 per child for 4 weeks), but it’s nice that it’s right here and there is no “sign up” fee or commitment that you’d find in similar places.

Town’s usually have have random activities too (like festivals, holiday events), so be sure to join your town’s Facebook page.20191025_1530305050795733264740726.jpgOf course, I’ll still go outside as long as it’s not too cold for them.20191026_1600038942018910748898822.jpgOr mainly me since I am usually sitting watching them.

To recap some fall activities that YOU could do with your toddlers are:

  1. Library
  2. Indoor Park
  3. Mall w/ Playground
  4. Playground (just bundle up!)
  5. Check Your Town’s Recreation Center For Programs
  6. Check Your Community Board/ Town Facebook Page for Events

Feel free to share some of your favorite activities to do with your toddlers during the fall and/or winter months. 🙂

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