October Sweat Fest HIIT.

I got this workout idea from Heather Robertson.

She posts amazing YouTube videos. I loved her first “No Repeat” thirty move workout and was super excited when she posted a second one.

I loved the second one so much that I made my own “variation” to include some of my favorite moves. You only have to do each move ONCE, so push hard!

As a bonus, for this routine you have to option to pick FIVE of your favorite moves out of the 30 and repeat them for a 35 minute sweat fest.20191023_1400175646465046797295085.jpgNow if you don’t have a gliders, you can also use a small face towel or even a paper plate works too! Anything that will “slide” across the floor.

Side note, I used 10lbs and 5lbs dumbbells. Alright, let’s go!

October Sweat Fest HIIT:

Core, Tri’s & Shoulder Focused but really Total Body 😉
Set timer for 40 Seconds of Work, 20 Seconds of Rest!

1. Rear Flyes
2. Chest Press w/ Bridge Lift*
3. Superman Plank (on knees to modify)
4. Bicycle Crunches
5. Overhead Tricep Extension
6. Side Raise to Front Raise
7. Plank to Shin Taps*
8. Leg Drops (w/ optional hip lift)
9. Side Lunge w/ Glider (R)
10. Side Lunge w/ Glider (L)
11. Mountain Climbers (w/ Glider)
12. Alternating Reverse Lunge & Hammer Curls
13. Double Crunches
14. Sumo Squat
15. Alternating Side Lunges
16. Prisoners (w/ optional hop OR squat to calf raise)
17. Alternating Curtsy Lunges
18. Alternating Front & Side Raise (L-Shape)*
19. Plank Knee Tuck (or do knee in’s on your back)
20. Plank to Shoulder Taps
21. Reverse Lunges (w/ Glider, R)
22. Reverse Lunges (w/ Glider, L)
23. Pop Squat*
24. Alternating Shoulder Press
25. Hammer Curls
26. Alternating Upright Rows
27. Plank Jacks (w/ glider or tap out side to side to modify)
28. Narrow Squat to Sumo Squat
29. Hammer Curls to Shoulder Press*
30. Plank Jack to Jumping Jacks

I starred my favorite moves to show the ones I like to repeat.

You can just do the 30 moves for a solid 30 minute HIIT workout, but I usually like to go for that extra five minute burn.20191023_1348012914623787229280926.jpgHappy sweating! 😀

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