My Morning Routine [w/ 3 Kids]

Lately, I’ve been having such smooth flowing mornings.20191014_0940332176186543367270284.jpgOnce school started for my preschooler, I wanted to nail down a calm, yet productive morning routine. This routine is just a jist of what usually happens on my “full” solo days with the kids.

Wake up times can vary (especially depending on nap times the day before) or sometimes I find myself just wanting to veg in bed for a bit longer.

Alright, let’s get to it!

Here’s my current solo morning routine with three kids:

6:00-6:30: Woken up by Harry. I used to set my alarm for 6:00am, but lately, Harry has been waking up pretty early (he used to wake up at 6:45am).

I don’t bother waking up before him since he likes to just play with his cars for about 20 minutes alone and I am able to do my thing.

6:45: Go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and wash my face. I don’t use much, I am pretty minimal with my products.20191004_1315525236901541923164188.jpg I use this face wash and this toothpaste (recommended by my dentist for some issues I have).

6:55: Drink about 16oz. of water and make the bed. I like to let the bed air out a bit before I make it. [Read more on that HERE]20190723_1858327743544606235498863.jpgI’ll also light a candle for a bit to get the “fall vibes” going.20191013_1617433243651671302004875.jpg7:00: Sammy and Ally wake up. This usually varies; maybe it’s Sammy first or vice versa. But for the most part, all the kiddos are usually up before 7:15am.

7:15: Get milk for the kiddos while they play.

Harry usually reads or keeps playing with his cars. Sammy will draw pictures and Ally will play with the dollhouse.20190924_084958893515903895924652.jpg8:00: Breakfast for the kids. I used to do breakfast first thing when they were all awake but now, I like to let them get a bit more hungry. If they want a snack or fruit before breakfast, I’ll give it to them.

Waiting the hour has worked best. Once my daughter has to go to school early (she’s in afternoon preschool), this will change.

8:30: Clean up the kitchen from breakfast, eat breakfast and make coffee as I rarely wake up craving coffee. 20191014_1016136737682100280086154.jpgIt is said you should wait about an hour before drinking coffee anyways. You can read more about that HERE.20191006_065801766302786434918106.jpg9:00: T.V for the kids while I get ready. I typically find a show that’s 20-25 minutes so I can get ready with ease. Most of the time, the kiddos relax and watch their show.

During this time I get dressed and make my to do list while I listen to a podcast, usually the Minimalists. I really like to listen to something motivational or inspiring to get me going in the morning.20191014_1456472043808685220983093.jpg9:30: Get the kids dressed and ready for the day. If it’s a nice day, I’ll get them dressed to go outside. If we are hanging in, I’ll opted for more comfy clothes.

10:00: Outdoor play. I am able read a book [or write this post] while the kids are playing outside, which has been nice.20190923_0945561120757258877306288.jpgIf it’s a rainy day, I’ll let them play with playdoh, blocks, etc. 

And that’s it!

Sticking with this routine, sets me up for the day. The kids have been more calm and even a bit more behaved. I also have been able to do so much more in the morning, especially cleaning up the house.20191016_1118483957071842502918522.jpgIs every morning perfect? No and that’s okay; it’s part of life. For the most part, this has been my routine on my four “full” solo days with the kids.

Again, I know this will change when my oldest starts kindergarten next year, but for now I’ll enjoy every day of this routine that I can. ❤

8 thoughts on “My Morning Routine [w/ 3 Kids]

  1. Great idea to make them wait a little more for breakfast. For picky eater kids that usually works, because they don’t ask what’s this, what’s that and they eat because they’re hungry. Also I’m checking out your post about waiting one hour to drink coffee right now!


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