Minimalist Fall Decor.

Fall, my favorite time of year.

I may have mentioned it a hundred few times already. This year, I found that my fall decor was even less than it was last year.20190927_1359012014669605490666181.jpgMarie Kondo’s book was the first book I read on decluttering.

The whole idea of “if it sparks joy” resignated with me, especially when it came to home decor, specifically pumpkins.20190930_1416129124627683125776443.jpgI love pumpkin decor, so why not have them year round?
20190927_1400028122324007090180949.jpgPaired with Joshua Becker’s “A Minimalist Home,” I realized I wanted my home to truly be a space I enjoy.
20190930_1439491147449266421733943.jpgSimply put, looking at pumpkins “spark joy.”
20190930_1440248188678395212982223.jpgFor example, this “thankful” sign next to the door is up year round.
img_20190927_143457_1471504712107074504326.jpgThis mini pumpkin piece I put on the kitchen counter, is typically on the bookshelf.
20190929_195248676985035377288811.jpgI swapped it out for an orange pumpkin and pulled out the orange flowers that were hidden beneath the cream ones.
img_20190927_143457_1482126226960426613243.jpgI used to love collecting decor, but when we moved to our house I realized I really didn’t want to invest too much money on decor.
20190930_1435556798103436336098461.jpgInstead, I wanted to focus on making memories and traditions.
20190927_1224592979328902415330776.jpgMy daughter loves getting pumpkins to put on the steps out front.
20190923_1716508435992933634619409.jpgIt’s becoming a fun and simple tradition of going pumpkin picking.

While there is nothing wrong with anyone who loves decor, personally, it just wasn’t something I wanted to have for every season.

I just wanted to keep my home more simple.


Where did I get stuff (all last year, unless noted):


  • Thankful Sign [On Dresser]: Dollar Tree – this year!*
  • Orange Pumpkin [Behind Thankful Sign]: Target
  • Wooden “Give Thanks” Pumpkin Sign [On Wall]: Kohl’s, three years ago!

Living Room

  • Cream Colored Fabric Pumpkin: Target*
  • Cream & Orange Colored Flowers: Rite Aid (Was a “Harvest Bouquet I broke apart)
  • Small Orange Pumpkin On Bookshelf: Walmart


  • Beige Flowers & Vase [On Kitchen Table]: Dollar Tree*
  • Placemat [On Table]: Kohl’s
  • Wooden “Thankful, Grateful, Happy” 3 Tier Sign: Target
  • Pumpkin Hand Towel: Kohl’s (Was a craft project but actual towel is from Kohl’s)
  • Galvanized Chicken: Hobby Lobby (because I love it so much, had to include)*
  • Pumpkin “Plant” Piece [Next to Galvanized Chicken]: Walmart*
  • White Ceramic Pumpkin [Next to Dish Soap]: Dollar Tree
  • Wooden ‘Gather’ Plate: Target

Out Front

*Starred are my top five favorite pieces!

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