Self Care.

In my previous post, I wrote about how I was refocusing prioritizing myself. 

As a mom, I tend to focus so much attention on the kids and being a homemaker. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I realized I need to make myself happy to, as an individual.20190916_1839303276422766329832.jpgWhile I do a good chunk of self-care already (like the gym), I don’t think I was doing enough to “fill my cup.”20190926_1031554186805124623982921.jpgI could feel myself starting to get bitter and unhappy. I knew I needed to start adding in some more “self care” into my weeks, besides lifting.20191009_1317483775828559558813247.jpgFor this post I am going into detail about all those little things that I am adding back in or doing as part of my “refocusing” on myself.20190925_0614119002553799019692139.jpgStarbucks: While yes, I can make my own coffee at home, I really enjoy snagging some Starbucks as I drive to work for my early 6:00am shifts (twice a week).

Pure Barre: I signed up for the four classes per month pack for a couple of months. Budget wise I won’t be able to do it for more than that but maybe later on, I’ll try out some yoga studios near me.

Weekly Treats: I love Tate’s chocolate chip cookies; I could eat a whole bag! But I decided once a week to get a small pack. I also still have my weekly Blaze run and a pizza is under $7.00 and is good for two meals.

Nightly Skin Care: For this, I’d neglect washing my washing my face and/ removing make up to finish cleaning.

I noticed my skin hasn’t been that fantastic. So now I’m making sure I set aside that time to take care of my face. It may seem small, but it’s literally all about taking care of myself first.

The dishes can wait five minutes. 😉

Seasonal Candles: Something that calms me down for the evening, is putting a candle on, getting ready for the next day and reading.

I used to do this a couple of nights a week, but I’m trying to dedicate 3-4 times a week. Sometimes I am just way too tired and pass out at 9:00pm.

For the most part, I do enjoy relaxing and reading some articles while I [currently] burn me some Bourbon pumpkin.

[Monthly extra spends amount for “self care”: about $103.00]


Now you may be thinking… that’s a chunk of money.

Pat has added more hours at work, so he is now taking over a bill that I was paying about $100 for. And while I can put that money towards savings or a debt, for right now I want to focus on doing things for myself.20190923_1714124317131751760686696.jpgPure barre is only for two months, so my monthly extra spends will go down to $32.00. I may just opt to purchase a class here and there [for $25.00] because here in New England, you never know what the weather is going to be in the winter.

While being a mom is my most favorite role, as my mom keeps saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”20190924_084958893515903895924652.jpgIt’s something we as moms know, but sometimes it takes burnout or feeling unhappy to really put it into perspective.20190823_1033117470442898008673007.jpgKids are always watching and if they see you happy and healthy, they will thrive as you thrive. ❤20190923_1713486590300903989137717.jpg

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