Can you believe it’s the last full week of September?

This month has literally been the most stressful and filled with such a roller coaster of emotions.20190913_1342398879278004853314166.jpgI’ve interacted with my parents and siblings more than ever. 20190913_1342121579198333464593581.jpgI’ve even made unexpected friends and lost some unexpected ones in the process. Though life we experience different events such as getting married, moving or having kids.

With each of those events comes new people into our lives, while some of the old ones fall back into the distance.

It happens.

It’s life.

Each day I tried to find simple joys in things weather that is taking the time to sip my morning coffee or lighting my favorite candle a couple of hours before bedtime.20190909_1952188640977627236274367.jpgOr adding back certain spends little by little.

This month I decided to add Starbucks back in but for only $5 a week (I used to do $10, what I get is $2.45). I use it for my early 5:00am work mornings. 20190923_0639128225130459803225356.jpgI also added back Pure Barre. They offered a discounted special rate for 4 classes a month for the first two months.20190923_1714124317131751760686696.jpgI know for sure I can commit for the first two months, budget wise. But after, I will see where things fit in, especially as Christmas approaches.

As the new season is upon on, I want to focus on dedicating more time to myself.20190923_1716508435992933634619409.jpg I do a good amount of “self care” when I work since I have a 1.5 hour break and I’ll go to Barre3, read a book at Whole Foods, etc.

But I want to start setting aside some more time at home and maybe even before the kids wake up to do things I enjoy.20190916_1839303276422766329832.jpgSometimes I find if I am not too busy, my mind begins to wonder and my thoughts, well they can get negative. 20190922_1627118305085245486154406.jpgBut if I fill my cup with little things that make me happy and a better person, then those negative thoughts can be almost non-existing.

Refocusing more on the simple things in life.
20190922_102631344601810038898279.jpgAnd enjoying every little moment.

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