New [Fall] Favorites + Finds.

Clearly, I haven’t been keeping up with my posting once a week.

The last post I did was about consistency and how being consistent with fitness helps me stay more focused and deal with stress.

It’s been a bit hectic over at my household, so fitness and eating well is a plus for my mind; not to mention this face. ❤20190908_1727027914353360593006309.jpgToday, I wanted to share some new finds from Aldi’s, Dollar Tree and more.

First up is pizza; the Simply Nature Marghertia pizza from Adli’s is so good! It’s under $4.00 (in store) and tastes better then the Newman’s Own one I usually get.20190814_1838335029381433632988494.jpgI found this popcorn at Aldi’s and it’s definitely a new staple.

My son likes it a lot and he tends to be picky with snacks. He only like the sea salt Boom Chicka Pop. This popcorn was only $1.89 vs. $3.29 for Boom Chicka Pop (though I only get it on sale).20190907_1238267393720668554306919.jpgYa’ll know I tried the edamame spaghetti from Aldi’s but I decided to try the soybean one. The macros are the same and I honestly liked it way better. 20190907_1238492423022582584003006.jpgThere is a slight after taste of the edamame one, but the soybean one tastes just like regular spaghetti, at least to me anyways.

Plus, I like the it’s organic because GMO soy is something I don’t mess with (especially with having off hormones).20190907_132140824717381579548699.jpgI found this Arm & Hammer deodorant new at Walmart for only $1.88! 20190902_1135099192848253949365910.jpgI’ve been looking for a more natural deodorant that doesn’t irritate me.

I’ve been using it for a few weeks and love it! I find that I actually stay fresh and don’t need to reapply as much as I used to with regular deodorant when I get sweaty.

Surprisingly, at my local Dollar Tree, I found this in shower foam conditioner by Herbal Essence, for yes ONE DOLLAR! 20190830_2011249107899240492765548.jpgI was a bit skeptical, but I actually enjoyed how my hair felt weightless. I have pretty thin hair, so most conditioners tend to weigh down my hair.20190909_1719592128884129863767052.jpg This conditioner is my favorite but now I have some back up foam ones now (I ended up buying two more).

I love the new soaps that Dollar Tree has by the brand Bolero. I like how my skin feels after using the soap and it smells like absolute heaven.20190906_2037293792092271132735339.jpgI’m a sucker for anything coconut. 😉

Now this isn’t a new find, but it is a favorite. I may have shared these sponges before, but these are my absolute favorite. 20190902_1757354544892905892365818.jpgThey last a long time and I can wash them in the washer with dedicates (I do so every few days) and it makes it last even longer!

Lastly, can’t forget a Fall candle.

If you know me you know I love candles. I had some Kohl’s cash and got this Bourbon Pumpkin candle. It literally smells like Fall (I know weird) and is perfect for a cool, cozy night.20190907_1258255936707618822288267.jpgThat wraps up some of my new favorites and finds!

Hope y’all enjoyed this post and let me know if you try out any of the products, especially the Aldi Simply Nature pizza or the deodorant, which are my top two favorites out of the new finds. ❤

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