This week has been yet another roller coaster of emotions.

But I’ve tried to stay consistent with fitness and eating healthy since I know when I am active and nourished well, my mind is more calm.img_20190824_151814_4613587306614259161952.jpgI try to implement a two day max rule; if I go with more than two days without working out, then I noticed that is when I get more irritable, stressed and so forth.

Like I mentioned above, I’ve also been focusing on eating very well.

For the most part, I follow the “80/20” rule; 80% “healthy” and 20″ “not so healthy.” 20190824_1954562972386905868252220.jpgI don’t like to use the term “bad” for food, because I believe all things in moderation. The 20% usually includes donuts, cookies, – you get the jist. 😉

Aldi’s has been having some pretty delicious [and healthy] foods like the edamame spaghetti (I’ve also purchased really good sprouted grain bread from them as well).20190808_0626103336089741988997478.jpg I like to have it as is or with a salad. 20190726_1329154717151942948695712.jpgFor the most part, my meals tend to be plant based, but I still eat meat here and there, usually lean ground turkey.

I will have steak [about once a month] since I am borderline anemic and I rather not take more supplements then I already need to.

Eating more plant based is just easier on my digestive system. Overall, I just found that for me, it’s what works best.20190816_0833205587812729351607553.jpgEliminating dairy as much as possible is also good for me. I find that I break out and have a ton of bloating when I eat dairy products, especially full fat versions.

My favorite pizza place now has vegan cheese, which has been such a God send! I now feel really good after eating their pizza versus bloated and uncomfortable.20190619_1529014162529325523242384.jpgI used to be big on half and half for my coffee and didn’t think I could ever give it up. It started out during lent, I wanted to focus on cutting it out of my diet.

I substituted my half and half for this plant based creamer. It honestly took longer than the 40 days to really get used to it; almost 3 months in fact.20190503_180404Now I can just have unsweetened almond milk and enjoy my coffee without the bloat [or the break outs].20190824_1956023461889309121734853.jpgImplementing these simple changes even more in my diet [and life] have just made me feel better about personal issues going on in my life.

And while it is not the time to publicly share those issues, you can be sure you’ll see more posts on dealing with change, mindfulness and working on building new routines!

Stay tuned.

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