Enjoying The Moments.

Summer is slowly coming to a close.20190817_1254306741793882289183063.jpgSchool will begin “officially” for my preschooler on September 6th.20190816_1038225984314854589236889.jpgWhile it’s only two and a half hours of prek, it still means we have to get back into more of a weekly “routine.”20190811_1807515081530494766556736.jpgIn the summer, I was pretty relaxed about meals and bedtime, but now it’s time to get back on schedule.

We are trying to enjoy as much outdoor play as much as possible.20190815_1749397967941795841811734.jpgOnce the night gets darker earlier, it will definitely cut outside time.

I’ve also been enjoying more walks for my active rest day instead of doing Barre3.20190820_1120335952180400922964901.jpg I found a trail outside of work, which I can’t believe I have never seen. 20190820_1113021251566376207470826.jpgI’ve worked here for over three years!

It’s definitely going to be my weekly thing, until the weather decides it not to be. 😉

Either way, I try to go outside if it’s a nice day when I am at work or home [at some point in the day] to soak up every bit of this beautiful weather.20190820_102936978894663345078612.jpgWe’ve also been going on more walks with the kiddos during the evening now that the nights are getting a bit cooler.20190822_0702558418775679033479726.jpgThis summer, it was just way too hot and humid for walks, so its been nice to finally get outside for walks [or scooting around].

While I do enjoy the warm weather from time to time, Fall is my favorite time of year! I am looking forward to all things cozy.20190816_0833205587812729351607553.jpg Especially #pumpkineverything. ❤


Click HERE for the oatmeal pancake recipe!

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