Samantha’s 4th Birthday!

My oldest turned FOUR on the 6th of August.20190806_1346567439233137392338703.jpgWe had a little BBQ at our house for her with old and new friends! It was our first time hosting and it didn’t turn out too bad. 😉20190812_173919177484984639349827.jpgFor gifts this year, I requested items like play-doh, activity sets, coloring stuff – basically items I knew she would use on a daily basis.20190812_1448597548164115908629819.jpgThis was also the first time trying to have a “minimalist” birthday for her without taking away the joy of gift giving from others.

And guess what?

She got a fantastic amount of play-doh, coloring books, crayons, markers, a tea set, dress up goodies and more!20190804_1105229075324863085593983.jpgThe best part is that Sammy uses it all on a weekly and even daily basis.

My parents gave her a trip to Sesame Place (along with Peppa Pig goodies).20190805_182828140989704379591642.jpgI like to focus more on experience and quality versus quantity.

I wasn’t planning on doing a party for her this year, but since a few of her friends were having one and she kept asking, we decided to throw one for her.20190803_1616494670568041834875628.jpgAs far as gifts goes from us, we got her a few goodies; sunglasses, drawstring bag, bubbles, Paw Patrol characters and some Annie’s fruit snacks.

The goal is to teach my kids the importance of holidays.20190803_1825087196259955735935650.jpgWhile gifts are fun and part of the experience, it’s enjoying the time with your family filled with laughter and love. 20190805_1847162624865281599486098.jpgThis was also the first time I also didn’t stress too much about the party. I just wanted Samantha to enjoy her day and that she did.20190806_1349162411720197106688259.jpgThat’s what mattered the most. 

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