Nothing Is Ever As Easy As It Seems.

It’s week three of our no spend month.

I must admit that during the middle of week two to now – it got hard.

The first week and a half was a breeze. But some things have happened along the way, mostly mentally and emotionally.

Though I won’t be talking about any specifics here or on any social media, It hit me as to how often we find we need to spend money to “feel better.”

You know the whole “retail therapy.”

There were many times I wanted to go to a coffee shop and drink coffee while sitting there as opposed to just sitting at home. Yes, I did end up doing this once.20190723_1914461169285489967685825.jpgTimes that I wanted to go to a store and just to shop around. I was lucky enough to have a T.J.Maxx giftcard from my birthday that allowed me to “splurge.” 20190718_1655402578994150157544538.jpgSide note: this is a great hack during a “no spend month.”

Once that retail “high” faded, I started going through the house and decluttering more even though, I felt like the house was in pretty good shape.

Maybe it was because I started reading Simplify by Joshua Becker. Or maybe it was because my mental clutter was at its’ cap. Truthfully, it was a mix of both.20190723_1901321292290686796419753.jpgI decluttered items that I had not used in the last 3-6 months and reorganized some photos in our bedroom.20190723_1858327743544606235498863.jpgI also cleared up counter space in the bathroom and found a new home for items I don’t even use in the bathroom (particularly my dry shampoo and brushes).20190723_0917455929870662310107249.jpg I also went through puzzles and other toys in preparation for my daughter’s fourth birthday. Side note: this is a great hack before any holiday or event that is related to kids getting gifts.20190721_1730326224656282097850968.jpgIt was freeing to get all these things decluttered.

When that was all said and done, some of my mental clutter was cleared up, but it was still there for me to face.

I started working on incorporating some “self-care” by doing some things on my own and not work related. I love what I do, but it’s easy for me to get lost in work.

With my oldest not being in school [and the twins napping during those hours], I don’t get the “alone time” I was used to for many months.20190723_1851087724619904824013702.jpgNow, I have to really schedule it in. 

Some days I experience #momguilt and bring my oldest a long, usually to library. She will entertain herself for at least a solid 45 minutes and does not have to worry about one of the twins destroying her stuff. 20190720_1345021202767418827981697.jpgSo it’s nice for both of us to get “alone” time.

I am not sure where I am going with this blog post, but my point is that nothing is 100% easy. Things may seem easy, then start to get bumpy or even vice-versa.

Just know that you are strong and you can overcome any hurdle; big or small.

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