Ending on a High Note

It’s the first day of my “No Spend” month.

If you missed that post, check it out HERE.

In that post, I go into specifics of spends that I plan to cut.

You know, all those “little things” that add up.

I’ve heard of people saying if you see something you want in the store, wait a certain time period (two-four weeks); then if you feel you still really want it, get it.

For this month, I will wait the whole month.

If there is something I really want [usually ends up being a candle, household item or new bar soap], I will wait til after the month.20190705_1342596650697034029099285.jpgI ended the two weeks before my “No Spend” month with fun between my birthday, a trip to New York and Bear Mountain with my mom.20190704_1642344428069398189683621.jpgI’ll also be able to save the money from the trip back and more.20190704_1833528018940186301834896.jpgLearning to enjoy the free [and cheaper] is key to a “no spend” month.
20190704_182833799592761549041277.jpgThere is so much out there that is free or requires little money.20190705_1326456820454055613589392.jpg
If you stay at the hotel in Bear Mountain, parking is free (granted, yes you did spend money for the room). There are plenty of trails in the park to hike, plus there is a zoo that is donation based. img_20190705_153551_4006210363670048463089.jpgWe didn’t go into the pool, but it’s only $2.00 per person (and you can go in and out if you set up a picnic in the park by the lake).20190705_1059252708110034608338987.jpgI’ve mentioned before in another post that I want my children to learn to enjoy simple things in life and not just material. 20190704_1638284392808594760377087.jpgThere is nothing wrong with wanting material; I work hard and I am a serious candle hoarder come winter.20190705_1329582587181707740739067.jpgBut becoming more mindful with consumption is key.img_20190705_153551_4057910577376578871910.jpgIt took time for my husband to get on board because when he first dated, he thought I was just broke and just glamorizing it.

But that wasn’t true; I just chose my spends wisely. He sees the value in consuming less (he used to be a shoe collector) and enjoying a more simple way of life.

During the “no spend month,” I will cut those spends mentioned in the previous post plus set the following guidelines:

  • Only one activity “spend” for the kids (such as the indoor playground or city pool), about $5-$10 per week.
  • No gym memberships: I cancelled my Pure Barre ($89 for 4 classes per month) and Planet Fitness ($10) Membership.
    • I will still go to Barre3 since I purchased a class pack a few months ago. I also got Kettlebells for my birthday.
    • With the cancellations, it makes my total saving about $326 month.

In essence, the goal is to cut all unnecessary spends and not to deprive yourself.20190705_1056069096136081013403811.jpgI want to teach and show my children you don’t need to spend money every day to feel complete.img_20190705_153551_4065162645416581529847.jpgEnjoying the simple things in life are just as fulfilling.

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