“No Spend” Month [2019]

How do you not spend money in a month?

Well the answer is the obvious.

You can’t.

So what do you do?

I’ve seen “no spend” months around the internet world over the past year and did try to do a no spend week. It didn’t work too well.20190623_1914528660145702366114274.jpgEarlier this year, I cut Facebook and Starbucks. Even though Facebook wasn’t “money,” it was easy to do with the app being off my phone.

For Mother’s Day I got a Starbucks gift card and used it but I should have saved it til after the “no spend” month on Starbucks.

I ended up adding $10 towards the end of the “no spend” month I had planned for Starbucks. It was definitely better than the $30-$40 I usually spend.


Most of it will be my spends (I love candles and getting the pricey bread roll 1-2 times a week at Whole Foods) in terms of cutting spends.

Here is what I plan to cut/ reduce per week (starting July 8th):

  • Whole Foods trips – 2 times a week, $7 each time = $14 total
  • Dine Outs – 2 times a week, $12 each time = $24 total
  • Weekly Candle Spend – $3
  • Starbucks – $8
  • Groceries – Reduce by $25

Total Extra Spends PER Month= $227

Now when you look at each total individually, you may think “it’s not that bad.” But over $200 we could save on random spends? Worth it.

Now we will still dine out, but we will make it only for dates (which we do once a month) and a couple of times to treat the kids if we’ve been out all day.20190508_174609It’s important to plan out these things.

As for our schedules, my husband and I have Saturdays off together plus a couple of early afternoons in the week. 20190702_1323034753355287671534162.jpgIf we have a plan of what we can do with the kiddos, such as the beach, park, etc., it will save us money in the long run.20190603_153924795629427715470403.jpgThere are plenty of free [and cheap] activities such as the beach (certain ones), park, the library and more!20190702_1406417465494692998968712.jpgThe inexpensive places we enjoy are going to the farm to feed the animals and go fruit picking.
20190623_0906155760943259561429104.jpgI do plan to keep my work salads (but ditch my Whole Foods runs) because it truly is something I look forward to each week and it’s only $5.00 per week.
img_20190522_102253_9285296767874503071222.jpgIt is important to note that this challenge is not about depriving myself or my family, but learning to be more mindful with our money. ❤
20190704_1118577915717870633606749.jpgHave you ever done a “no spend month?”

Click HERE for my post on Seven Ways We are Saving Money!


Also, if you have kids in/entering K-5th grade, Education.com has a contest going on right now.  A winner will be chosen from each grade level to receive $500 for college and a free lifetime membership to Education.com for their parent or educator!

The winning child can choose to nominate their school or local library to win a $1,000 donation as well. Click HERE for more details. 🙂

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