New[ish] Finds & Favorites

I’ve been finding [and tasting] some new items lately.

Today’s post is virtually going to be a photo dump of some recent finds that have become new favorites or that I am excited to try.

First up we have hemp seeds.20190608_1014534892699134757016392.jpgI was on a chia seed kick for the longest time, but I decided on hemp seeds as I am trying to cut back on my meat consumption. Three tablespoons gives you 10g of plant based protein.20190612_1605265813763408875465146.jpgI like to add to my smoothies, oatmeal, salads and more; the possibilities are endless!

Tate’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies: Typically, I go for the ones made with wheat but being wheat intolerant (I can handle some, but it’s getting worse), I am trying to cut back as much as possible. 20190607_1456571785778955493853763.jpg These taste pretty darn close to the regular ones and satisfy my cookie cravings.

American Flatbread Sliced Tomato & Five Cheese Pizza: American Flatbread is on of my favorite restaurants in Burlington, Vermont. 20190604_1248295149816832314975336.jpgI find that this pizza doesn’t bother my stomach as much as others. Plus the kiddos love it, which is a win for mom. 😉

Arnold Whole Grain Sprouted Bread: I spotted this in my supermarket and wanted to give it a go for the kids. I tried a slice myself and it was pretty good. 20190610_1847372627670675986917020.jpgWay fewer ingredients the the sliced bread I typically get, which was a huge bonus.

Maple Sea Salt RX Bar: Hands down my favorite is the chocolate sea salt, but the maple sea salt is now a second!20190605_1336512423722270784161889.jpgAnnie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks – Minis: I love the other Annie’s fruit snacks, especially the strawberry bunny gummies.20190611_1129485496621432388433186.jpgWhen I spotted these on sale, I knew I had to get them for my daughter. She loved them and I tried one of each flavor and the mango flavor is so good.

Enlightened Peanut Butter Ice Cream: The Halo Top and Breyer’s high protein ice creams are my favorites. 20190604_1247491667607417444118836.jpgBut I had a coupon for Enlightened and wanted to give it a go. It was pretty delicious and tasted really close to real ice cream. 20190614_1410404256572726565303708.jpgI like the flavor of the Halo Top peanut butter one better but I like that Enlightened has way more peanut butter swirls!


Left to try are… 😛

Beyond Beef Crumbles: I’ve been looking for the patties in my supermarket, but it has been out of stock! I’ve heard they’ve been having an issue with supply vs. demand.20190613_2006114639297827447177053.jpg I found TWO bags left in the freezer section of these crumbles and snagged one to give them a try. I’ll let you know what I think in a later post.

Hope you enjoyed me sharing some of my new[ish] finds and favorites. Have a great weekend y’all. ❤


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