Social Media “Detox” Recap

It has been 30 days since I deactivated Facebook.

Well actually not entirely. I reactivated my account to sell some items on Facebook Marketplace. I posted some things for sale and for free to declutter some more of my physical space as well.

I didn’t download the app and have no intentions on download it. Marketplace is a little “harder” to use with the mobile site, but the fact that it is less “user friendly,” makes me just post what I need to and get right off.

It was freeing not to see people complaining about petty things or seeking attention. Whenever I was bored (like I mentioned in this post), I would gravitate towards Facebook. How productive is that?

Instead, I read, watch YouTube videos on Minimalism (or random topics of interest) or go for a walk (this mainly applies for when I’m on break at work). I also found that I play more with my kids because I take the time to think about what I want to do with my precious time.

Here are some other things I gained from my “social media” detox:

  1. I’ve listened to more podcasts then ever. My two favorites have Becoming an Essentialist by Matt D’Avella and Stop Buying by The Minimalist.20190531_1219164793698286722256067.jpg
  2. I’ve been writing two posts a week. It’s been wonderful to focus on what I enjoy doing, which is writing, and having others inspired by my posts!61639969_10103743935031050_4605432262576570368_n
  3. I finished half of a book, Essentialism: I found myself reading more versus just browsing through social media. I was super surprised that I’m more than halfway because that usually does not happen in a month. #momlife 😉20190523_1422437660906242815242612.jpg
  4. I got more hours at a new gym I sub for: This may have been coincidental but I think the fact that I was more focused, engaging more with people and making connections, is what lead me to this opportunity.61456322_10103747200621780_906962445690470400_n
  5. I won an Instagram contest from NuGo Nutrition for these Slim bars. Now this too may have been coincidental but I cleared the people I followed from over 700 to under 300. It was so refreshing and now I see who I WANT to see.20190531_1457194557008748712607509.jpg
  6. I spend more time outdoors. I think this just goes back to being more mindful with how I spend my time. I really enjoy going outside and relaxation as much as a humanly possibly can with three kids. 😉20190603_0946275154582259909022014.jpg

Here’s what I lost:


Absolutely nothing.

It was such a great experiment and I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for Matt D’Avella’s YouTube video on quitting social media for 30 days (although he quit Instagram too).

If you’re a Facebook user, I have nothing against you!

I know there are plenty of people who use it for their business or to stay connected with family. But for me where I want to call my family more or share through my Instagram story, it just doesn’t make sense for me to spend time on Facebook.61570261_10103743935205700_2497934850296643584_nWill I post things again on Facebook?

Well this blog post will make it to my Facebook posts. I think I will just keep my Instagram and Facebook account connected so I can do two things in one and not HAVE to log on to Facebook to share a blog post.61369524_10103747200951120_317798515860307968_nAfter having experienced how much more productive and mentally “less cluttered” I was during the past 30 days, I definitely don’t want to go back to anything less. ❤

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