Things I No Longer Buy

Lately I’ve been feeling like some people may have false idea of what Minimalism is; that it’s extreme or you need to have money to be a Minimalist.

As stated by The Minimalists themselves:

“Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.”

Sure there are some people who are extreme Minimalist and live in an all white space with little to no furniture; totally not my style. Like with any lifestyle, there are different variations – and that’s OKAY.54517468_10103685284167850_3048200923479277568_nI’m more of a frugal Minimalist who enjoys a clutter-free space. I do have goals to become more of an environmentally friendly Minimalist.

But I think a lot of people are confusing Minimalism with the “Zero Waste” movement. Either way, you do what you can.

Sure some things require you to spend money to become zero waste, but the goal in both is just to become more mindful.
61280669_10103743935589930_1514982162418368512_nSo today, I’m sharing the six items I no longer buy:

1. I stopped buying items “just in case:” I mentioned this in a previous post, but it seriously fits here too. I used to stock up when things were on sale and have items in case my current one broke.

But that just lead to more clutter and I would forgot I even bought those “just in case” items. The would lead to more money spent in the long run.20190428_141536.jpgMy kids did not need 5-6 plates or a million ton of utensils each. I decluttered and now they have 2 plates, 1 bowl and 3-4 utensils each (plus the gifted Peppa Pig set for my oldest).

2. Home / Seasonal Decor: Don’t get me wrong, I have a good chunk of Christmas decor and a few things for Thanksgiving, but that’s it.20190528_115726.jpgI still have mini “Christmas” trees around the house and a green pumpkin on my desk and our bookshelf. When I buy decor now I make sure I absolutely love it and can use it year round.

3. Books: I used to buy a book or two per year but now I take advantage of my local library. So far they have had every book I’ve wanted like “A Minimalist Home.Why buy it when I can borrow it for free?

4. Paper Towels: 99% of the time we now use small kitchen towels to clean all surfaces but we do have a roll of paper towels above the stove in case for things like meat spills or litter box messes (one roll will last about 2-3 months now).61488925_10103744699404240_5354665195417370624_n5. Straws: I am trying to eliminate waste and while I don’t exactly ‘purchase” straws (I get them from work or Starbucks), piles end up at my house.

I decided to get some reusable straws (under $3 at Walmart). I keep one in my bag that I use at work or when I grab Starbucks and keep the rest home.61639969_10103743935031050_4605432262576570368_n.jpg6. Dryer Sheets: I have switched over to wool dryer balls and I haven’t noticed a different in the texture of my clothing. For a nice smell, I add a few drops of either sweet orange or lavender.
The clothes come out smelling so fresh and bonus that it cuts a bit of the drying time; not much, but ever bit counts.

Things I HOPE to no longer buy:

  1. Ziplock Bags
  2. Shampoo
  3. Cleaning Products
  4. Regular Toothbrushes
  5. Menstrual Products

Those five above I want to work on…

For the Ziplock bags, I have probably over 100 baggies left. I barely use them as is, so once those are up, I’ll be looking into reusable ones. I want to try out a shampoo bar and see how those work for my hair.

Maybe one day I’ll experiment making my own cleaning products, but for now you can check out my post on some of my favorites.20190426_141811I want to do a bit more research on bamboo toothbrushes before I make the plunge (and most of not that pricey). I am not sure about menstrual products, but it is something I’d like to try at some point.

There you have it, the six things I no longer buy.

Leave me a comment below of items you no longer buy (for whatever the reason may be). Remember with any type of “lifestyle change,” it’s about progress, not perfect. Every little bit counts.