Practicing Mindfulness

Along with my [Facebook] social media detox, I also deleted the Starbucks app.list*Gasps,* I know.

But I re-downloaded it when my aunt sent me a gift card for mother’s day. I didn’t have to but I decided why not? I’ll treat myself. Once the money runs out, then I’ll delete it again.

I didn’t mentioned this in my grocery haul post, but I am really trying to focus on eliminated my food intolerances and allergens out of my diet.

Here’s the list (in no particular order):

  • Wheat
  • Peanuts
  • Walnuts
  • Chicken
  • Dairy
  • Green Beans
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Shellfish

The most severe one is shellfish; other than that, I will get extreme IBS, GERD and bile reflux. 57504818_10103709221681880_3308526523446722560_nMost of them too give me massive migraines to the point of knocking me to sleep. Is Ben & Jerry’s dairy ice cream really worth the pain?

Not anymore.

I switched to non-dairy coffee creamers and I am loving the Nature’s Bliss half almond milk and half coconut cream on. 20190503_180404Almost two weeks of cutting them 99% all out, I feel amazing. Barely any headaches but I did experience withdrawals from cutting the foods out of my system for the first few days, which was not fun at all.20190517_171403The other day, I did end up drinking regular coffee cream the other day at work since I forgot it at home.

The result?

Let’s just say I was in the bathroom numerous times in under an hour. It was totally not worth it and next time, I’ll just head to the supermarket and grab some to keep at home. I just can’t do black coffee, it’s too gross to me.

Before I left home for the day, I checked the supermarket near my work. They didn’t have the Nature’s Bliss brand, but I did find this Califia Farms one. It’s pretty good and both will definitely be a new staple of mine.20190512_104712 I barely even have the desire to get coffee at Starbucks, but I have been using my gift card for iced tea. Now I usually don’t spend that much money anyways for my Starbucks habit (usually $30-$40 a month), but I wondered what I could do with that extra money?

So far I was able to:`

  • Buy a gift card for an instructor when she was sick.
  • Got both my daughter’s teachers a gift card for teacher’s week.
  • And I was also able to get those non-dairy coffee creamers (it’s almost double the price of regular) without hesitation.

My goal in this challenge is just to make more mindful decisions; whether that be in spending habits or choices with what I do with my time.

It’s been two weeks of cutting both Starbucks and Facebook and I noticed that I have been more focused.20190517_185256.jpgMore focused to read, write more posts or dedicated more time to Instagram to promote my blog. It the first week I did catch myself being “bored” and trying to go on Facebook numerous times.

Those moments of being bored can turn into hours just like that. Most of it was mindless scrolling, so it wasn’t anything effective.20190516_093955I’m not saying you can’t have Facebook or any form of social media, but for me, it looks like Facebook may stay deactivated for the long run.

I just feel like a better person, especially mentally. A lot of what I would see on Facebook would be more negative than positive and it would just get to me.

I want to simply shift my mindset to focus on what is most important to me:

  • My Family
  • Fitness
  • My Blog
  • And of course, taking care of myself mentally and physically. ❤ 


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