Our Family’s Top 10 Food Staples + Grocery Haul!

I remember the days when I was just a college student; my grocery bill was under $40 a week.

When the hubs and I had our first child, once she really started eating, our highest grocery bill was about $75 a week.20190510_184653On average, our grocery bill is currently $125-$150 for a family of five.20190513_133152Now there are some things that are not pictured (nor will I mention specifically from the photos), but quite frankly you don’t need to see what spinach looks like do you?

I didn’t think so. 😉

On today’s post I am doing our family’s top 10 food staples plus a grocery haul. If it were just MY food staples, then coffee, creamer, oatmeal, nut butter and dark chocolate would be in my top five.


Our family’s top ten food staples are (I linked note worthy products):

  1. Milk & Eggs (I mean they kind of go hand and hand right?)
  2. Jones Sausage
  3. Bread
  4. Baby Carrots
  5. Kodiak Cakes Pancake Mix
  6. Kid Fresh Chicken Nuggets
  7. Gluten-Free Pretzels
  8. Snapeas and/or Veggie Sticks
  9. Cereal (Honey Nut Cheerios or Cinnamon Chex)
  10. FRUIT (mainly apples, bananas and whatever berries are on sale)

FIVE note worthy staples:

If these items aren’t in the house at all times, I definitely feel lost. The only “veggie” my kiddos like are baby carrots. I guess I’ll take it? 20190225_140615.jpgI used to be more worried about my kids when it came to veggies, but I know they will develop their tastes over time [just like I did].

I try to get the Go Go Squeeze fruit and veggie pouches or the Mott’s Sensibles juice with some veggies in it. 20190510_185225Peanut butter and jelly OR nuggets with baby carrots and snapeas are a go to lunch. A quick dinner I like to do are Kodiak Cakes pancakes with sausage and/or eggs. I use the and/or since two of my kids hate sausage but at least like the eggs.

One of our new staple dinners for the hubs and I are tacos with ground turkey. 20190510_185532I do all the fixing minus the wraps, but when I do want the wraps, I use brown rice.20190427_181148Lastly, I wanted to mention a couple of new favorites of mine:

Garden of Life Protein and GreensIMG_20190510_145420_537Coffee Mate Nature Bliss Half Coconut Cream, Half Almond Milk Creamer20190503_180404and this maple sunflower butter by 88 Acres!20190507_111745The majority of my grocery shopping is at Walmart.

Sometimes I will go to Aldi’s or Market Basket (a local grocery store). I get the protein powder from Target, so I will go there from time to time as well.

Typically I go 1-2 times extra to the super market for fruit or milk, but this month I am working on minimizing to just one extra trip.

That wraps up my family’s staples plus grocery haul. We do have sweets (such as ice cream) or “bad stuff” like chips, but those things we don’t get too often. #balance

Also, if you are interested in learning different ways to lower your blood sugar, check out this link here!

Remember, #progressNOTperfection

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